My week off…

Let me start out by saying that it’s not quite a week off. It was originally, but I ended up picking up a couple of shifts with my second job right at the end of it, so now it’s only 5 days off in row. The only day I did anything of note was Monday, the first day of it all…

I was up bright and early (after a few hours of sleep) in order to get my ass clean, shaved and at the ferry terminal for 8am. That almost happened. I miscalculated some of my prep time (forgot to add in getting the cat ready for me not being here for a full day) and the actual distance to the ferry terminal. I ended up catching the 9am ferry instead. I ate breakfast on the ferry (nothing special, but it was hot and there was lots of it) and read in my car. We docked on Vancouver Island around 10:35 and the drive to the pier where Allice’s boat was took about another 30-40 minutes.

There was a mix-up in all my boarding info. I had forwarded it to Allice and she had forwarded it to the proper person and that’s where it seemed to have died. The second in command of the whole ship came down to vouch for me so I could board the ship with Allice and take a little tour. It’s significantly smaller and seemed a bit older than her last ship. We had lunch at the on-board pizzaria (tasty) and I met a bunch of the people that she works with.

We drove into the downtown core so that Allice could do some banking. Parking was insane – bloody tourists. Heheh… like me. 🙂 We walked around for quite some time and ended up taking the wax museum tour. Creepy. Of course I left my camera in the car during all of this. Hopefully Allice’s pictures turn out. We ended our day together by going for sushi at Japanese Village. What a great place. Can’t wait to go back there and try the other side of the restaurant (the teppan steak part).

I sat in my car until Allice’s ship left port so I could get some pictures of it without the pier in the way. By the time that finally happened, I had to find a gas station ’cause my back teeth were starting to float. I drive and drive and drive and can’t seem to find one. I figure that I probably just didn’t have my stupid eyes open, because the station that I finally saw was directly beside me and I was turning the wrong way to get into it. The guy at the station told me where the Silver City was from there. It was relatively close. In my random driving to find a gas station, I had pretty much driven in the right direction to where I was going to meet Laurie.

We had supper at Montana’s Cook House (directly beside Silver City) and talked and talked and ate and talked. By the time we got to the theatre, there was really only two shows playing, so we went to go see the new Longest Yard. Not too bad at all. They did a half-decent job of it. This was the first time that I had actually met Laurie in the real world, even though we’d been chatting online for over a year. It was good to finally meet her. I even got to see some pictures of her in a photo album where she worked when Allice and I accidently stumbled into there on our drive around town. Heheh… Fun times. 🙂

By the time that Laurie went home to get her few hours of sleep before work, there wasn’t really any reason for me to go find a hotel. The first ferry back to the mainland was scheduled for 6am, so I just drove back to the terminal and waited in line, napping in my car. When you consider how many cars and people were on the ferry, they must be just raking in the cash, even with their expenses.

I’m scheduled to head back there on June 25th and can’t wait.

Like I said though, that was the only day I did anything… The rest of my week so far has been just that… rest. I’ve napped on the couch, I’ve napped on my recliner, I nearly napped on my computer chair. Oh yeah, super active. Heheh…

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One Response to My week off…

  1. Lilith says:

    i am ashamed of you, i mean that picture, those interests……………….if your mom saw those she would faint dead away
    – Your neice
    P.S. i\’m watching you

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