Captain Procrastination and Mañana, the Boy of Tomorrow!

Meh… been a little bit since the last entry and so much has gone on. I’ve been on holiday, apparently quit my job and started a new one. Let’s start at yesterday and sort of work backwards… or however it comes out…
Just got back yesterday from visiting Allice in Victoria. Kasandra and I drove over there Thursday night and spent the night in a really expensive hotel (from the inside of the room, there was no real justification for the price) because Allice was arriving in port bright and early Friday morning. Actually, the drive over there requires a bit of telling about too. Hmmm… I need to talk about my new job before I talk about the drive, so how about I start at the beginning of my holidays? Sounds like a plan.
I was deeply ensconced in a rut. My rut was so deep and the sides so smooth from being burnt out, that it was difficult to get out of. I booked three weeks off and counted down the days until my holiday time in Ontario. Two weeks at the camp (heaven) and a week to shuttle around the lower half of ON to see friends and family. At my buddy Mike’s birthday dinner at the Keg (not as good as last year), he offered me a job. He said he would pay me close to what I was making wiping butts and bathing grown men. That got me to thinking quite hard about possibly changing my line of work after nearly 2 decades. It was a life-line, a ladder out of my deeply dug rut. After much internal debate, I took him up on his offer as long as I could give adequate notice to Mainstream and take my holidays first. I really, really needed to take holidays.
I wrote up a Leave of Absence letter and had it mailed off shortly after I started my vacation. I flew out East with WestJet for the first time. One of their mottos is that they never over-book a flight and I was eager to try out their new leather seats and the satellite tv in the seat headrests. I decided to fly out of the Abbotsford airport to try it out. There was a lot less people there and I’d consider flying from there again, even though you have to walk onto the runway and climb rickety-looking stairs to get onto the plane. It adds to the experience. 🙂 I get there with plenty of time before my flight and the line-up is friggin’ huge. Turns out that they don’t over-book, but they didn’t send the right plane. They also didn’t have enough people manning the counters to take care of all the passengers there. There were two seperate flights leaving at different times and we were all jammed into one line. Bah. I was considering taking them up on their offer of a taxi to the YVR airport and taking a bit later flight, but that flight was hours longer because of a stop-over or two. Forget that. Anyways… had a fairly uneventful flight. Got a bit of nerve damage around my left hip/ass area due to being pinched in to that tiny seat. Yeah, it was leather, but they didn’t have the satellite tv in this one yet. In fact, our plane was brand spanking new and only two weeks old. Not what I want to hear. All I can think of when we’re coming in hard and fast for our landing is the wings snapping off in the rush of air. From the sound and feel of the landing, I was really wishing I was in a seasoned veteren of a plane. One that had already had all the kinks ironed out. I survived.
Went up to the camp for a little over 2 weeks with mom. It was great. We finished the back room with tongue and groove pine. It took awhile because of our slow work pace, but it sure does look nice. That was the last big job to do on the camp for a couple of years. If I remember, I’ll add some pictures of the finished product. Visited with my dad for far too little. Time just whipped by up there though… it was strange. Before you knew it, it was time to head back to Barrie. I didn’t get any fishing done, nor did I go out on the lake. I went swimming a couple of times, but that was it. Oh, almost forgot… I taught mom, Aunt Wendy and Uncle Garnet how to play Texas Hold’em. Heheh… what a hoot that was. We just played for chips which is a good thing. All of my skill and finesse was lost on them. They’re too focused on their cards to catch my subtle moves. Oh well, it was all fun.
Down in Southern Ontario I only got to see one of my friends. Andy. The comic store owner. He seemed genuinely pleased to see me and it was really good to see him. I didn’t get to see Scott (he was at work), or Sophie (neither of us had access to a vehicle). 😥
I spent my last two days of my holiday time sitting alone at home, watching movies and not much else. My flight back was significantly better… I had a entire row to myself and they had the tv in the headrests. Not that there was really anything on. Such is tv, whether you’re at home on your recliner or at 40000 feet in the air.
I started my new job two weeks ago (Monday) at Mike’s security company. I’m not doing security, I’m his new scheduler. It’s my job to fill the holes in the schedule with warm bodies. Fun. Ish. There’s not a hell of a lot of parking around there and we’re right across from Bridge Studios (where they shoot shows like Stargate, etc.) so they regularly cordon off huge sections of the sides of the street to park their "star trailers" and all that crap that goes into making a tv show. Kind of a pain in the ass. The closest parking spot that I can get all the time is about a 10-15 minute walk away. I may just use that spot just so I can say I’m getting some exercise. Sleeping at night is a real treat. I’m finding myself sleeping a bit more that I used to, which is a good thing. I still wake up a half dozen times a night, but there’s sleep happening too… and it’s cooler… and dark… and people aren’t prone to calling me in the middle of the night. I pack a lunch and eat breakfast. I’m a regular joe now, fitting in with the rest of society. I don’t know what to do with my evenings yet though. I come home from work (hasn’t been 9-5 yet, although it’s supposed to be), maybe make some supper right away, watch some tv, play on the computer, pack my lunch and go to bed. Whoo hoo! Mr. Fun. I need to see how my financial situation turns out (I took a bit of a pay cut). If all is good, I might try classes in the evening, or some kind of scheduled activity. Wow. Look at me, I’m mostly normal. Ish.
Now we come back to the beginning of this blog entry… My trip to Victoria to see Allice. I’m off at 5pm, but I don’t finish everything until after 6. I’ve got to stop over at Chynna’s on my way home because I still haven’t brought over the presents I bought her when I was in Ontario. She calls me on the way over to her place asking for a little pizza on her last night before she goes back into the hospital for her surgery. I stop at Little Caesar’s and pick up one of those 5 buck pizzas (kinda tasty) and head into her place. I wolf down a few slices and run out the door. It’s already after 7 and I still have to go home and pick up Kasandra. Kasandra and I leave the apartment at 7:45. I check the ferry schedule I printed off and all bottom drops out of my stomach. The 10pm ferry that I read on the sheet only sails on the 18th and the 25th. We have 1 hour and 15 minutes before the last ferry sails. I decide against the Tsawassen ferry as it’s just too far away. We hit the #1 Hwy and cruise along at 120km/h, making the Horseshoe Bay ferry in a half hour flat. Nice. Sure it means an extra hour, hour and a half of driving at the end of the ferry ride to get from Nanaimo to Victoria, but it’s much closer and I wouldn’t have made the other ferry. As it turns out the Horshoe Bay ferry is late by about half an hour… go figure.
I’m sure the drive from Nanaimo to Victoria is pretty during the day. All I saw was dark dark dark. We get into Victoria shortly before 1am and I pull into the first handy hotel and get a room. A hundred and 20 fucking bucks. Yikes! Oh well. Didn’t feel like sleeping in my car, plus I had Kasandra with me, so onto the card it went. It worked out to about a buck every three minutes that we were there. 😛 We got to the ship shortly after 7am and hug out with Allice onboard for the day. Buffet breakfast and lunch in the fancy schwancy dining room. Allice packed this big suitcase full of stuff that she had bought so that I could bring it home. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it through customs and she had to take the majority of it back onto the ship. The customs officer was being a bit of a bitch about the whole thing too. Never had a problem off-loading stuff like that before. Oh well. The lack of sleep caught up to me after we got on the ferry, so I put the seat back and pretty much slept for the majority of the ride back to the mainland. Kasandra too.
It was good to see Allice again although I’m glad I won’t be making those trips over to Victoria anymore. They were killer financially. The ferry trip alone (when I’m alone) is almost 50 bucks each way, plus the gas, food, etc. Even with the hotel, this wasn’t the most expensive trip over there I had… That would have had to be the time I got the speeding ticket and they tacked on the missing front plate ticket too. <sigh> All my poker winnings had to go to cover that. I’ve already started to recoup this trip too. The night guy at the group home where I work on the weekends is going to give me $50 for coming in and hour and 15 minutes early for today and next Saturday. Easy money. 🙂
Back to the title of this little blog (that seems to have morphed into something monstrous). I’m procrastinating. I’m supposed to be doing my laundry. I suppose it won’t actually take too long once I get started, but it’s the getting started that I’m having a hard time with. 🙂 That and the million and a half stairs to bring it to the laundromat downstairs. Time to get it done…
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