Smell that? That’s freedom baby!

I keep on getting in shit from people telling me that I need to blog more. Well, that’s a lie. Not the part about me needing to blog more, but the part about people telling me that I need to.  I’m not always getting in shit. Not like the guy at the A&W drive-thru told me last night that I should write about my visit there (but if he had, I *just* did), but it comes up from time to time in conversations with my friends. Part of the problem is that I just don’t think that I lead that interesting of a life… Why would people want to read about the things that go around in my head? Why? Maybe their lives are as <sarcasm> interesting and fulfilling </sarcasm> as mine. Yeah… that’s got to be it.
The guy at the A&W drive-thru is going to be happy. I’m going to talk more about it and you’re going to love it. LOVE IT!!! I originally went to Burger King on my way into work. I’d been having a craving for a Whopper (be quiet Allen – you too Andreas) for some time and last night was Wednesday night. What does that have to do with Whoppers? Why, it’s Whopper Wednesday at BK… They’re only $1.79. I leave home early enough to hit up the BK on my way to work and go through the drive-thru. Their debit machine was broken and I generally don’t carry cash on me, so no Whoppers for Mark. Just down the street is an A&W, so I scoot in there for a couple of teen burgers (now that’s a fine burger!). It wasn’t even all that cold out and the guy at the window was putting on his coat (coat, not a jacket) before taking my debit card. Yeah. Strange. If you’re sick, don’t come to work buddy. I don’t want your disease. Fortunately, he wasn’t cooking… that honor was probably being done by a pimply-faced high school student with poor hygiene. Mmmm… I can only hope. Whatever… the burgers were still tasty.
Can’t wait for poker each Sunday. I’ve been playing online again (and holding my own – but that’s a different story 😉 more adult in nature), but nothing beats the face to face action you get at a home game. I know that one of these days I’m going to have to have my cherry broken at a casino, but I’m in no rush.
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2 Responses to Smell that? That’s freedom baby!

  1. Allen says:

    You\’re very trusting… wasn\’t sickboy the dude that bagged your food? Hope he didn\’t post-nasal-drip onto your food, or sneeze it up for ya! heh heh
    "one of these days I\’m going to have to have my cherry broken at a casino"… dude, you\’re a tit-hair away from being a 40 year old virgin! Get that taken care of already, eh! and when you do, i suggest someplace more private than a casino… people don\’t wanna see that! :o)
    Glad to see u have finally written something here though… do it a little more often! :o)

  2. Baba says:

    hahah… I\’m sure that I\’d have a willing audience if I did it in a casino. 😉

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