Freedom? Weird. Smells like crap.

Imagine, if you will, our hero struggling against the faceless masses in a battle of wits, skill and bravery. Alas, against a tide of unending assailants, the lone hero fell. You guessed it, we’re talking poker. Things took a turn for the worst while playing poker last night. All the money that I had carefully maintained over the past week is gone. My account on Full Tilt is completely dry. Oh well. I couldn’t catch a card to save my life last night. I should have stopped while I was even (got back there at one point), but felt the need to play (is that bad?). Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Speaking of fun, it didn’t end with the poker. One of my clients was up all night and despite my getting him to go to the washroom frequently, decided to paint his sheets and water his floor. <sigh> On the upside, I did get to leave a bit early today. Whoo hoo. A whole 15 minutes. I took that extra 15 minutes and shopped for sales at the grocery store. For 50 bucks I now have enough food to last me a for a week or more. Neato. I should do this grocery shopping thing more often and stop going to the A&W for my “home cooked” meals. Heh.

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One Response to Freedom? Weird. Smells like crap.

  1. Allen says:

    shoulda dropped the dough on a ho… it wouldn\’t have lasted a week, but in the end you still would have been fucked, but at least you would be happy about it! ;O) Shitty as work is (pun intended!), 2 more shifts to go and you can play poker in the flesh and blood world! I so know that made u smile! LOL

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