Why, spank you very much…

Wow, did last Sunday’s poker game go south in a hurry. Not only was I Sandwich Bitch (first out – now I have 3 cards!), but I ended up buying back in again. That wouldn’t have been so bad if I had placed or say, won the second game, but no… I ended up repeating my performance in the second game and dropped 2 more twenties there. Eighty bucks! In one night. <sigh> Oh well, that’s the way the cards flop. Also, that just breaks me even after that nice little streak I had going on when I came home from my holidays in ON.

We had a couple of new players at our game, Crystal and Christie, and were they ever a blast. They seem to be a perfect fit at the table. I hope they come on a regular basis.

Spent a lot of time working on the poker invite for this upcoming Sunday’s game when Allen told me that it was supposed to be a $20 game. Hehe… not to worry, all that work isn’t for naught. We’ll just use it for the game on the 12th. So if you subscribe to the poker invitations, keep an eye on your inbox to check out my masterpiece. If not, go to the poker website and scroll down to the bottom of the first page. I’ll be posting the invitation there within a week.


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One Response to Why, spank you very much…

  1. Allen says:

    Sux a little bit just being a contributer, eh! My world, welcome to it! Heh heh. Yeah, C & C were a riot and it would be very cool to have them at the games often, especially with Christie\’s thirst for you money (and ability to out you out… was it 2 of the 4 spanks she handed you? tee hee!). Not that I enjoyed it or anything, cos that would be wrong! Or something. :oP
    "not to worry, all that work isn\’t for naught"… is that, like, a tripple negative?!? :O)

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