Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland… (aka ARRRRGH!!! MY CAR WON’T STOP!!!)

 As most of you know, I’m not a huge fan of winter. I don’t like the cold all that much and I think that "snow" is a four letter word. Imagine my delight when it started to snow here. I tried to ignore it, like an unwanted step-child, but it just kept clinging to things outside. When I got off work on Sunday morning, it decided to snow even more, so that by Sunday night, when Allen and I were supposed to go over to my coworker’s house to play poker, it was decidedly dangerous to be out on the road. If it was anything else besides poker, I would have stayed home. :o)

As you can see from the picture, the snow started off as nice fluffy white flakes. All those plants are now completely covered by about 6-8 inches of snow. The roads were a complete nightmare. Most of you know about my car doing a pirouette on the Coquihalla last winter… just imagine… my tires are a full year older now. Heh. I bought the tires shortly after I bought my car… 5 YEARS AGO! <sigh> I still haven’t caught up from my summer holiday yet (still running deep in the red in my bank accounts – hooray for overdraft!) and I need to put new rubber on my car.

I picked up Allen last night and we drove into Surrey to go play poker. The roads were tricky and I was plowing them at points with my ultra-low ride, but there was only one really scary point. Shortly after picking him up, we were driving down Blue Mountain Street (which is fairly steep) and coming up to the first set of lights at the bottom. Sure enough, it’s red, so I step on my brakes. My ABS kicks in and with a clunk-clunk-clunk I slow a bit, but continue a nice straight-line slide heading for a half ton truck that’s already stopped in front of me. There’s no way that I’m going to be able to stop in time, so I cut into the right-hand lane where I have more options. There’s a full extra car length to go before the next vehicle and I could also use the turn out to go up onto the next street (Lougheed Hwy). Fortunately, just cutting out of my lane was sufficient to kill the slide and we were able to stop before hitting the car. That was with me creeping down the hill, with my foot on the brake the whole time and the needle barely registering any speed.

The poker game itself wasn’t as thrilling as I thought it was going to be. Yeah, the guys there were throwing money at the pot like it was a really good stripper, but they were playing pretty much anything. They’d go all-in at the drop of a hat and hope to hit something in the cards to come. That, and I’d probably fail a drug test right now if I took one. 😛 I second-hand smoked quite a few Js and about half a pack of smokes. I’m glad I brought my Tylenol with me… cut the headache off at the knees when it first started. Heh. It continued to snow throughout the game (4 hours) and the roads were even worse by the time we left. With the extra horse power provided by Allen, we got the car up to the end of the street, then carefully crept home. What should have taken 40-45 minutes tops (in dry weather), took a good two hours. The roads were so bad that I did a preemptive strike and called in to work and told them not to expect me in. I slept for 5 hours and when I got up, the roads were good enough to go to work. After I de-iced my car and got it warmed up, I called back in to work to let them know that I was on my way in. Wouldn’t you know it, they were going to cancel me because none of the clients were going to be showing up at the day program. Heh. I opted to go to one of the group homes instead for my 6 hours. What a fairly easy day… except for shoveling the driveway.

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One Response to Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland… (aka ARRRRGH!!! MY CAR WON’T STOP!!!)

  1. Allen says:

    Winter Wonderland, My ass! This is such messed up weather… i have now had to push 2 cars already – i just as well be back in freakin Saskatchewan for christ\’s sake! Can you tell how its all making me so festive? :S

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