Thrice as long… you heard me, thrice!

Wow, did all that snow yesterday ever suck ass. Knowing how bad my car handles in the snow and how much snow was falling, I decided to leave waaaay early. It’s usually a 20-25 minute drive to work and that’s counting the get-to-the-car time. Well, last night took a good hour from start to finish. I barely had my foot on the gas the whole way to work, keeping it at 40km/h and under. Even at that break-neck speed, I could sometimes feel the car wanting to pull me each time I hit a ridge of snow/slush. Of course, there were the idiots driving at normal highway driving speeds, impatient to pass. Yes, I’m certified in First Aid. See if I render any assistance to you buddy. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being dry, perfect conditions and a 10 being taking your life in your hands, most of the roads going to work last night were a good 7-8. The further you got into Maple Ridge however, the higher the points. I’m sure it hit 11 a few times. Seeing as my car was doing so good, I thought that I’d give the hill on the street going up to the group home a try. I get the nose of my baby up the hill and immediately feel the tires lose all grip. I give a hard crank to the left and pretty much spin in place (well, not quite, but I turned a *heck* of a lot tighter than my normal 4-lane U-Turns. I parked the car in a snowbank on the side of the road. Yes, I said IN a snow bank. I already knew I was stuck when I got out of the car. :o) Sure enough, this morning I was. With the help of one of my coworkers, we dug out and I pushed my baby out of the snow bank while they spun the tires. 🙂 On a side note, this coworker used to be one of my roomies years ago and also the same one that went with me when I got my car a little over 5 years ago.

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One Response to Thrice as long… you heard me, thrice!

  1. Darryl and Kimberly says:

    Could things even get more exciting for you!!!  LOL 

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