Sunday Night Poker – The December 3rd Edition

Wow! That’s all I can say about last Sunday’s poker game. The game itself was pretty standard, but the turn-out was phenomenal. Besides the core 5 people (Allen, Andreas, Wendy, Mikey and myself), another 6 people showed up. I was an idiot and forgot my camera, but thanks to my vast artistic talents, I have recreated the game in an almost photo-realistic manner on the computer. Damn… I should quit my day job and start working for the movie industry. Check it out….

It’s hard to believe it wasn’t done with a camera, eh? Yeah, I’ve got mad skillz. This was a $20 game with 11 people at the table. With two extra buy-ins (Allen and Tamara – I DIDN’T BUY IN TWICE!!!), that drove the pot up to $260. This was our biggest showing at a game since we first started playing. It would be awesome to see this many people on a regular basis and at the tournaments. We started a couple of new things with this game too… Instead of going around once with the dealer button, the blinds are now timed. It was a bit amateur hour this first time, but by the next game, it’ll be all sorted out. We have a program on the computer that counts down to the next blind change and shows what the new blinds are. I worked on it a bit last night to set it up for our games. Hopefully it’s all good. Another thing we started, thanks to watching the PPT, is that if a player isn’t at the table when it comes to their turn (usually after a deal and usually those pesky smokers), their hand is declared dead and their cards are mucked. They still have to post their blinds if it’s their turn, but now game play won’t be slowed down waiting for people to get back from their self-imposed smoke breaks (or bathroom breaks).

I didn’t even come close to winning and ended up sitting at the table and watching for the majority of the game (I wasn’t alone). The first game took quite a long time to finish and pretty much everyone went home when it was done. Three of us, Allen, Mikey and myself, weren’t quite ready to stop playing, so sat down and had another game. By this point, I had been up for about 30-32 hours and was getting a bit punchy. Allen made me some sandwiches for some energy and I went on to win the second game. I had a great time all night and even at the end, I was still amazed at how many people showed up. The next couple of games probably won’t have the same kind of turn out, what with Christmas and all coming up, but we can hope. 🙂

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2 Responses to Sunday Night Poker – The December 3rd Edition

  1. Allen says:

    "The game itself was pretty standard…" Standard? Standard?? Standard??? Ok, if by standard you mean you lost again, then yeah… but dude, i took the sandwich bitch card, and the winner card – that\’s freakin historic!!! 😛
    As for the art… My friend, there is Davincci, there is Rembrant, and then there is you… and the Poco Elementary Kindergarten class! :o) I couldn\’t resist!

  2. Darryl and Kimberly says:

    I am sure you will have the turn out even with the holidays coming!! Wish I lived close to you so you could win all my money!!! LOL

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