Ho Ho Ho! Merry Pokermas…

Christmas has come and gone again (it seems like this last year just flew by!) and the second annual poker game was great. Allen’s mom and her boyfriend Paul were here (thanks again for the turkey dinner!), Allen, Andreas and myself. We started off the game and Wendy came in a bit late. That seemed to be the thing that she needed to come out on top. She won every hand she went in to, devastating several people’s chip stacks. Her rampage was checked and her chips steadily started bleeding out. She stayed in the game until heads-up with yours truly. That’s when she woke up the herd of Clydesdales that were up her ass. She went into the final hand misreading her cards and hit a straight on the river, winning the game.

Even though a couple people left after the first game, 4 of us stayed for a second (Wendy was guilted into staying :P). Allen’s mom stayed in a hand against Allen that was kind of funny. Allen was making huge bets and Sharon kept on calling him. At the end of the hand and the showdown came, it turned out that she had paired deuces on the flop. Despite there being 4 over cards on the board, Sharon held on to those twos like they were gold. The funny thing is that they were! they held up in the end. All those cards on the board did a river dance all around Allen’s excellent hole cards. He lost a significant portion of his chip stack with that hand. Heh. About halfway through the game, I pretty much tripled up against Allen and Wendy, taking out Allen in the process. Allen bought back in with a couple of rolls of quarters and Wendy only lasted a couple of hands after that. She wanted to go home anyway. 😛 The game went on until almost 4am. Yikes! Lucky I didn’t have to work today until 4pm.

I had a great time on Christmas… I could get used to this.

Oh yeah, I updated the poker website with the new Royal Flush Progressive Pot total, game histories and game stats.

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5 Responses to Ho Ho Ho! Merry Pokermas…

  1. Darryl and Kimberly says:

    Merry Christmas Mark!!!  Good to hear that you had a turkey dinner!!!  Luv yah!!

  2. Allen says:

    rub my ass kickin in why don\’tcha! 😛 LOL Apparently I had some xmas karmic debt to pay cos i could not get cards to save my life! But it was fun and endlessly amusing! And now i know when Drunkzilla roars i gotta watch out for the dueces! tee hee
    Who dat up there? ^ Your seester???

  3. Allen says:

    oops, now she jumped down

  4. Allen says:

    comments should run top to bottom don\’tcha think?!?

  5. Unknown says:

    WOW.  4AM?    Holy cow!!!
    Wendy really cleaned up on that first game. She was unstoppable.

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