I ate too much Coma Toast

Wow. All the working and all the not sleeping caught up to me this weekend…

After going out with Allen on New Year’s Eve, then short-shifting my sleep in order to be at work for 8am, I headed over to Melanie’s for a turkey dinner (my second of the season! Yay me!). I didn’t get out of there until nearly 9pm and struggled to stay awake when I got home. I lost that battle fairly quickly and was asleep on the couch by 9:30. Apart from a couple of bathroom breaks (I drank GALLONS of water in the previous couple of days, thanks to all that salty summer sausage I ate), I slept soundly until 3am. I spent the next 5 hours puttering around on the computer and watching some episodes of Stargate on my computer. I fell onto the couch again at 8am and slept until about 1-1:30. I spent the day in my PJs and was back on the couch sleeping by a little after midnight. Up again by 8am, then naps all through the day on Wednesday to get ready for my night shift. So, get this… from Monday night until Wednesday morning, I slept a total of 19 hours. That’s not counting the naps on Wednesday during the day (which probably add up to another 5 hours or so). So in two days, I slept for about 24 hours of it. Nice. I was a bit worn out. Hopefully this’ll keep me going for another couple of weeks.

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One Response to I ate too much Coma Toast

  1. Allen says:

    don\’tcha feel a little torn over it? On the one hand, sleep = good… on the other, it feels like such a waste of time off! LOL I am currently on the other end of the spectrum, running a little short on the sleep… so enjoy the resting if u can do it! :o)

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