Feel my pain…


I go to sleep last night and everything is alright in the world. I wake up at 5am to use the washroom and what sight greets me from the patio doors? Hell. Hell was there… A frozen hell falling from the sky in the guise of innocent fluffy white flakes. It has that slow, lazy falling of small flakes that generally signals that it’ll be around for awhile. Could my life suck any more? Gah! Not only have I not gotten my new tires for my car yet, but I don’t even have anywhere near enough cash to do so… not without putting a heavy hit on my Mastercard. Yeah, nothing says traction like 5 year old tires as bald as a porn star’s crotch. <sigh> I wonder if Canadian Tire sells tires that’ll fit on my car… Maybe Costco…

It’s times like this that I sometimes wish that I had a small car like my friend Allen. Small little tires can’t cost that much. That and he only spends about an eighth of what I do on gas each month. <sigh> But my car is so pretty… and fast… and if I was to get in an accident, I think I’d rather be in mine than in his. Heheh… Although, if I got stuck in a ditch, I’d sooner have his car. I could lift it out myself. 😛

During our last snow storm, I was considering buying some chains for my tires. Now it’s too late. It’d be like trying to buy an air conditioner in August. Chains may not be fully legal in town, but I’d sooner chance getting a ticket than skidding off the road and falling off a cliff. Ok, I don’t drive by any cliffs on the way to work, but there’s some pretty deep ditches. Heh.

Here’s another picture of my hell.

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3 Responses to Feel my pain…

  1. Darryl and Kimberly says:

    How will you survive???  Do you not miss the Northern Ontario winters???  Hope all gets better for you and your wheels!!
    Lov yah, Your cuz!!

  2. Allen says:

    *sigh*… doesn\’t days… weeks of rain sound so much better than this white bullshit that keeps dumping on us? Enough is enough already! But you should so get a little 3 cylinder snow bunnie like mine though! tee hee. It may not be much to look at, but i do love my car, and it is fairing through this hellatious winter better than (ahem) other gas guzzeling beasts are! I haven\’t missed any work because of the weather (damn!!!) at least, and I haven\’t be afraid to take it out in the snow.
    Now here is something to think about… if the summer is as hot as this winter has been miserable, we may be looking back at this fondly! Ugh!

  3. Unknown says:

    Oh man.  I feel your pain.  I hate hate hate this weather.  Now I can\’t boast to other Canadians how cool it is here with all our mild weather. Goddammit!!!  Heh heh. 
    You and Allen are lucky.  You just have to drive to work.  I have to drive for work. 😦  Today, I have to go to Richmond, then Delta, then Surrey.   Not looking forward to it at all.

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