Old Man Winter Can Lick My Balls…

Alrighty, faithful readers, you know my sentiments about the snow yesterday. Unfortunately,  when I was spouting off about snow this and tires that, it never occurred to me just what the snow was doing. What was it doing? It was accumulating. A lot. It’s a good thing I left a full 45 minutes earlier than normal. I spent 20 minutes alone cleaning off my car. Sorry for the crappiness of the pictures, but this was my cell phone and it was night time. Do you see that snow on the roof of my car? It’s a full foot thick! In Greater Van-fricken’-couver. The sheer volume of snow on my car amazed me. I knew that there’d be a little snow on there, I just didn’t realize there’d be that much. I am fortunate in one thing though. When the snow plow cleaned out the parking lot, they didn’t block me in. By the time I got all the snow and ice cleared off the car, it was warm enough inside to drive. The roads here in Poco were fairly good, despite being snow/slush covered. As soon as I crossed the Pitt River Bridge though, the story changed. It was like it was colder on the other side of the bridge. The road was covered with chunks of ice and it felt like I was driving with 4 flat tires. This was the main road! I made the mistake of getting off the relatively awesome main road in order to get onto a secondary road (that’s used almost as much as the main road) because it’d be easier to make my turn to where I have to go to work. It wasn’t long before I was pining for the relative ease of driving on the main road. What’s crazy is that 132 Avenue, a side road that I have to take to get to work, was pretty much cleared to the pavement with nice sand spread all over it. I had to park at the bottom of the hill and hike it up to work, but it was all good. I didn’t even get stuck when I had to leave this morning.

It’s currently -4C and checking the Weather Network, it’s going to be crappily in the negatives until the beginning of next week. Why are we getting Ontario-type weather? I hate it. I had to wear a jacket to work last night! Bah!

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2 Responses to Old Man Winter Can Lick My Balls…

  1. Darryl and Kimberly says:

    Oh no…a jacket!!!!

  2. Allen says:

    its almost 9pm and time to start contemplating the journey to work… i dont start til 11pm, but i am gonna have to start getting ready extra early so i can WARM UP THE CAR for a good 15 – 20 minutes before leaving! Welcome to Vanvouver, Saskatchewan!

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