Now I lay me down to sleep…

Ahhh… sleep. With this cold that I’ve been fighting for the past week or so (not counting that damn non-productive cough that I’ve had since mid-November), I have been sleeping even crappier than usual. I decided to go the medication route this time and picked myself up a bottle of Benylin for Cough, Cold and Sore Throat. It’s most excellent. With it, I was able to get about 6 hours of sleep off and on through the day the other day. It doesn’t seem like much, but each two hours of that sleep felt like about 3 or 4  hours of rest.

I decided to try something different last night after poker… I had already had a couple of doses of Benylin through the evening, so before bed, I gave myself a double generic Neo Citran for aches and pains, stuffy head, etc. I slept for pretty much 8 hours straight, barely moving from my original position when I first lay down. When I finally did wake up and move, the cat that was sleeping on me jumped off like it had been struck by lightning. Heh. Snow usually sleeps on me when I’m on the couch, but isn’t used to having a "bed" that doesn’t move for so long.

Poker… We had a fairly decent turn-out again last night. We were expecting a little bit more, but 7 is a good number. Dale, a relative newcomer, took a massive early chip lead, but couldn’t ride it all the way to the end. It came down to Allen and myself in heads-up play and even though I was the cellar dweller in the chip count, I had a feeling that I could take it. The last hand came down J-10-10 with one heart and I had A-7 of hearts in my hand. Allen went all in and I figured he was trying to buy it. I knew he didn’t have a J or a 10 and only put him on a K high. I called and wouldn’t you know it, my spidey senses were completely off-base. He flipped over pocket nines and ended up taking the hand and the $180 for being the winner. He also got his 5th winner card, so that’s good for a free buy-in at a game of his choice. I got my revenge in the second game, taking down a $20 three person Winner Take All game. The third last hand of the game was beautiful, from my perspective at least… not so much from Scott’s and Allen’s point of view I guess. 🙂 The two of them were duking it out, not even considering my part in the hand until it was too late. I flopped the nut flush, Allen flopped a straight, and Scott had flopped both a straight and a flush draw. With that one hand, I took out Scott and crippled Allen’s stack. Two more hands of Allen going all in blind and I took him down with pocket eights. Another fun night of poker that didn’t cost me anything to play.

Check out the poker website… see if you can find the stats page hidden on it. It lists all the players since April 2nd, 2006, how many games they’ve played, wins, placing (1st or 2nd) and percentages. It’s sorted by the number of games played.

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2 Responses to Now I lay me down to sleep…

  1. Allen says:

    OK, let me get this straight… you are advocating for mixing medicines and sleeping with animals? You sick fuc…
    Yeah, last night was fun and there were a couple of exciting points through the evening, poker TV-worthy exciting! But thankfully there were no doofus announcers mixing metaphoers like… well, like you mix medicines! :o)

  2. Wendy says:

    I accidentaly o\’d on Benylin once – best sleep I ever had!

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