I’m a lucky guy. I had just enough money to do all of my laundry (upstairs – if I brought it down to the laundromat, I would have had more than enough *and* had it all done in an hour and a half). While waiting for the various loads to wash or dry, I decided to play a little bit of poker online. At first it seemed like it was a donation on my part because the first two-three games went rather quickly. After busting out of yet another game before I saw any money, I switched the wash from the washer to the dryer and put my last load of clothes in the washer. That gave me an hour to play before having to go back and do it all over again. I decided to bump up the value of the games I was playing, and quickly lost an $8 buy-in one. I bought into an $11 game and it seemed like it was going to be yet another donation. Before long though, I lucked into a great hand… even luckier is that two other people thought they had a great hand too. 🙂 I effectively tripled up and rode that to the final three. Once I got there, I relaxed a bit because no matter what happened, I’d be getting back more than I paid to get in. There was one guy at the table with a massive chip lead and in successive hands ended up doubling up both myself and the third player. That evened things out considerably. Before long, chip leader was way in the basement and then lost. That bumped up the minimum amount that I could win from 19 to 27 bucks. I went into heads up play with a 2:1 chip lead. Buddy was *very* aggressive and I wasn’t catching anything that resembled good cards. I was down to about a thousand in chips ahead and woke up with pocket Jacks. I called to see the flop and true to form, buddy went all in to try to steal the blinds. I quickly called and saw that I had him completely dominated. None of the 5 cards on the board improved either of our hands and I took down the pot and the win. First place = $45. Yay.

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One Response to Laundry…

  1. Allen says:

    It\’s gonna be laundry day here as well… ugh! And unlees i run into a blind sailor just off on shore leave, there will be no money made! 😛
    In regards to the comment u left me about Boston Legal… you know how a Hanna Barbara charachter starts to run…. his feet are a blur for a couple seconds and then he touches ground and takes off… you are still at the feets-a-blur stage and it takes off at about episode 10 when Candace Begen comes in. Yes, as good as it is now, it gets so much better! Enjoy!

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