Lights! Camera! No Poker…

We ended up canceling poker for Sunday because no one responded to the email invitation as to whether or not they’d be attending. This was by Saturday afternoon. It’s the one thing that gets me through my shitty work week, and it didn’t happen this week. Talk about feeling low. Bah. I didn’t even bother getting out of my PJs on Sunday after my nap. A nap filled with stress-induced work-related dreams. I played online, but it wasn’t the same. Hopefully people take a couple of seconds after reading the next invite and maybe reply to it. It’s supposed to be a fun gathering of people in a friendly environment to play poker. Each and every week it feels like we’re pulling teeth and we don’t know who or how many are going to be showing up until the game is already started. Even then, there might be a straggler or two or someone bailing past the last minute. I always have a great time playing, but it’s the getting to that point that sometimes sucks.

What’s funny is that *if* there would have been poker yesterday, I might have caught my car before the battery had completely drained of juice. I left the lights on Sunday morning when I came home from work. That’s twice this week that I’ve done something that hasn’t happened in years. First I left my wallet at home on Friday night when I went to work, now the lights. Since I bought the car I’ve known that it has a bit of a sketchy electrical system. In the last year or so though, the little *bing* *bing* *bing* noise that’s supposed to let you know that you’ve left your lights on is intermittent at best. Kind of like my "intermittent" wipers… Ha! I have to look on the bright side I suppose… I’m not going through light bulbs like popcorn like my old car. I’ve got booster cables and all that, but even better, I have one of those self-boosting battery thingies that I bought at Canadian Tire a few years ago. It’s great to have, even though I only need it once every year or so.

I planned for my weekend to go as follows: do my laundry, watch some TV shows and movies that have been backing up for a bit, and generally relax to puddingfication. Yes… puddingfication. The state of being where your brain and muscles have the mental and physical capacity of a bowl of pudding, your choice of flavor (although I really like the pistachio one). As it turns out, I haven’t quite done my laundry yet (but I’m about to start), I’ve only watch three episodes of almost 50 of a TV show that I have on disk, and I picked up an extra shift this afternoon. My calendar for February is filling up a bit, which is nice. I’ve only had one 4 hour extra shift since the New Year and that isn’t enough to pay the bills. I don’t know how I was making all of my bill payments before when I had the loan and the car payments added in there. I’m barely breaking even each month and I’m not putting out that $1100 anymore. Man, I really need to do up a budget to see where all my cash is going. Before you suggest it, I’ll tell you right now it’s not poker. I play from previous winnings and any money I get on the side, like doing websites, birthday, Christmas, etc. It’s not eating out either… I cut that back a lot from what I used to do. Crazy. Damn aliens.

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2 Responses to Lights! Camera! No Poker…

  1. Darryl and Kimberly says:

    Holy Shit no POKER!!!  Must have been a boring weekend?  Glad to hear that you did survive!!  Take Care Your Baby Cuz, Kimmmber

  2. Allen says:

    Ya… the no poker thing bites, but so be it. I watched some great movies and had a relaxing weekend. There must be something in the air cos i have been having the most fuct up dreams as well inhibiting sleep. Arg!

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