Rubber… not just for Mr. Happy anymore

The quest for new tires for my car has led me down some dark and winding roads. If I went back to the original place where I got my tires 5 years ago (I know! 5 years!!), I’m sure it would cost me just as much, if not more than it did back then. I don’t have $1200+ to shell out for tires, which is why I’ve been putting off getting new ones for so long. As some of you know, I wanted to get new tires when I came back from my trip to ON last fall. That didn’t happen due to financial constraints and now I’m glad it didn’t. I checked out the price at Canadian Tire (it’s just across the street from me) for the two drive tires, and it was going to cost about $600 or so after taxes and installation. Yeah, right on par with the last time. I had some people tell me that Costco has some pretty good deals on tires and sure enough, I could get all 4 installed and taxes (whodathunk… taxes to hold tires on. You’d think they’d use rubber cement instead of taxes) for between 900 and 1000 bucks. Much better. I ordered them and was told there was going to be a 7-10 day waiting period for the tires to be ordered in. Bah. That’s ok… my tires had lasted 5+ years, they could last another week or two (hopefully). Besides, it was a huge savings from what I was expecting from other places.

Fast forward to Saturday the 17th… My insurance is up on my car, so I go in after work in the morning to talk to my insurance guy, Kurc. I apologize for the damp registration and I start rambling on about how my trunk leaks, etc. (that’s where I keep my registration after my car was broken into last summer). Talk gets on to tires and he tells me that he got a great deal on the exact kind of tires that I need… 17" Low Profile jobbies. He gives me the URL for them and like an idiot, I don’t do anything with it until today (Wednesday). Costco called me yesterday morning and left a message on my answering service letting me know that the tires that I ordered were in. Hmmm… let me add something to that. They called to let me know that the tires that I ordered were in, but would be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Yeah. They can go throw a flying fuck through their rolling tires.

I call up Tire Trends and get some pricing on tires for my baby. It turns out that the people that sold me my tires 5 years ago put on tires that were actually too big for my car. Excellent. I order 4 new tires from Tire Trends and the guy, Blair, tells me that he’ll have to order them in. <sigh> It’ll take half a day. Yay! Unfortunately, I’m going to be Sir Snore-a-lot when they come in, so I made an appointment for first thing in the morning after I get off work. Here’s the best news… All four tires (Hankook – a well-known brand, not like the ones I have on now), balance and installation, and all taxes and levies for… wait for it… $637.10!!! Yeah, that’s a $300 savings from Costco’s best price and to top it off, the guy was really pleasant on the phone and not a prick or disinterested like the people I dealt with from Costco. I’ll buy my 40lb bag of M&Ms from them, but never tires… not now.

With the savings, I’ll be investing that into a front end alignment and an oil change (also over due). I’m so glad I had to wait now… I’m going to have to get Kurc something for saving me so much cash… What can I get him that’ll say, "thank you" without looking like I’m trying to hit on him. Sure, he’s got boobies, just the wrong gender. That and the goatee. Beef Jerky. Yeah, that’s a manly gift. It’s either that or massage oils. 😛

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One Response to Rubber… not just for Mr. Happy anymore

  1. Allen says:

    Rubber for rubber… buy him a big econo-pack of condoms! :o)

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