I feel cheated… my life didn’t flash before my eyes.

Last night was the first time I drove to my main job after getting all those expensive repairs done to my car. All told, counting the repairs, the new tires and the 5 days of car rental, it was somewhere in the range of $3200. For some bizarro reason, it was snowing… AGAIN! (Damn you, Allen!) I was feeling pretty good because of my brand spanky tires  and driving relatively normal. I had slowed down a bit due to the amount of snow on the road and was coming up to the first stop sign  (I take the back way in to work as there’s less stopping and it’s faster). I step on my brakes to slow down, but the snow is acting like grease on the road and I start sliding through the intersection. Any normal intersection and that wouldn’t be so bad… On the other side of this one is a big ditch. I take my foot off the brake, give ‘er some gas and throw the wheel to the right. The wheels catch and I start to turn to the right. I’m going to miss the ditch and the cement barricade beside the stop sign on the other side of the road, but I’m in the opposite lane and heading right into the path of a transport truck (could have been a dump truck – truth to tell, I was a bit preoccupied). There’s no time to get back into my lane, so I turn left and aim for the gap between the truck and the cement barricade. I make it on to the gravel shoulder with inches to spare. INCHES! Like I said though, my life didn’t flash before my eyes, nor did panic freeze me into inaction. All I could think about was that I had just gotten my car out of the shop and here it was going to get damaged again. Thanks to my cat-like reflexes and the fact that the trucker was already braking for his stop, disaster was narrowly averted. Let me tell you… really got the heart a-pumpin’.

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3 Responses to I feel cheated… my life didn’t flash before my eyes.

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh come on Mark…..you should know how to drive in winter weather….especially since you come from northern Ontario!! Or has it been so long since you driven in snow that you don\’t remember how to do it??!! LOL
    Also….thanks for letting this ol\’ timer know what the term Blog meant! 😉
    Lisa M

  2. Baba says:

    Heh… yes, I do know how to drive in winter weather, but this was the first time with the brand new tires and my car has always handled like a moose on roller skates when it comes to the snow. The snow last night wasn\’t bad until I got to that corner, then it was like grease under my wheels. I didn\’t have any problems with the rest of the drive. We\’ve actually had far too much snow this year. I left ON (and later AB) to get away from the snow. It\’s March for crying out loud… that\’s supposed to be over and done with out here.

  3. Allen says:

    Yes, though it isn\’t that deep, i have had it up to my ass with the snow! (and admit it, you are responsible for it all! :P) As far as your life not flashing before your eyes… maybe it was a highlight reel, but so short you missed it! heh heh… *sigh* what is it about the comments section that brings out the bitch in me? :o)

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