Decisions, Decisions…

One of my coworkers came in to work today with the news that he had gotten a position in a group home much closer to home (he’ll be able to sleep an extra 2.5 hours a night and bike there if necessary). What this means is that there’s going to be a 40 hour position available during the week. It’s a Monday-Friday job, 7am to 3pm. I’m in a bit of a quandary here… should I try to switch my life around to days (again), or keep my night job? It’s a tough call with pros and cons for both sides of the issue. Let’s explore a couple of them…

1) It’s a job more in tune with the rest of society… I could have a social life
2) I could start working weekends again for my second job.
3) I like my morning coworkers
4) I could pick up random afternoon shifts with my second job and supplement my income even more.
5) Days are a healthier lifestyle than nights

1) I’d have to be at work for 7 in the morning
2) I’m (and always have been) a night owl
3) I’d have to work directly with the clients for 8 hours a day. Not sure if I’m up to that any more (without going postal that is)
4) Increased paperwork and other responsibilities.
5) Would no longer get my 40 hours in 4 days (and lose my 3 day weekend *every* week)
6) I’d be working 7 days a week to keep up my current income from both jobs

Traffic wouldn’t be an issue due to the time of the morning going there and the time in the afternoon coming home.

You can see my problem… There’s a lot to think about. I’m really, really loathe to give up my 3 day weekends and I really like the solitude that working the night shift provides. It’s quiet for the most part and there’s not a lot of stress involved. I get the feeling that the stress level is going to be high going in to the day program job. <sigh>

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5 Responses to Decisions, Decisions…

  1. Allen says:

    For me, it would be a no-brainer. It would take the kind of money we both know this position would never pay out to make me sacrifice my three day weekends. That, for me, is paramount. Secondary reasons would be that i would have to adhere to structured work routine, and i have gotten quite used to the free-form work-at-my-own-pace situation i am in.  As things stand, i have two front-line hours a day and i am not tiring of the people i am working for, where i know full-on shifts with them would increase the burn-out factor hugely. Also, the company we work for is not exactly known for being very supportive and more staff/client interaction provides more opportunity for incidents, which in turn puts one, potentially, into some very precarious situations and blame is handed out in this company like towels in a locker room. And lastly, it is easy to get along with co-workers when you are two ships passing in the… um, dawn, but working side by side, day to day is another thing altogether. More than any other job i have ever had, i have met people in this field that at first seem like reasonable, responsible members of society that in the end turn out to be completely bat-shit! In the end you have to decide what is right for you, if the position is right for you, or even how long you would last in that position. You would be fighting your nocturnal nature to do it, and how would that affect your temperament? I know the place you work at is very challenging…EXTREMELY challenging… I don\’t know that i could do the night shifts there, let alone the days! Good luck with your choice though

  2. Unknown says:

    It sounds to me like you\’ve already made your decision.
    I agree with Allen. Stick with the old job.  Less work and longer weekends.

  3. Darryl and Kimberly says:

    Well Mark!!!!  It is a decision I have had to make!!!  LOOK at the social asspect of it!!!  Seeing that my whole life is social!!!!  Go for something different!!!!  HOWEVER you willl reallllly have to work with the clients cause they will not be sleeping!!!!  LOL  Better yet be like me just get the HELLLLLL out!!!! 
    GOOOOOD LUCK asssssssss wiper!!!

  4. Baba says:

    As much as I\’d like a regular day job to try to get me onto some kind of healthier life style (sleeping at night, regular times to eat foods, etc.), I do so like my solitude at work. I\’ve been doing this for over 20 years now and if I had to work in a front-line position again for any length of time, you might be reading these blogs whenever I got computer time at that maximum security facility that I\’d be incarcerated in. Hmmm… that\’d be an option as well though… 3 squares a day, a roof over my head in a place not much smaller than my current apartment, no bills, a possible love life (I\’m pretty sure I wouldn\’t be the "bitch"). Heh.
    I think I\’m with Kim though… it\’s almost time to get the hell out. C\’mon 6/49…

  5. Allen says:

    i dunno man, you are so eager to please everybody that not only would be the bitch, you\’ld be the penetenary pump! 😛 LOL

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