Whoo hoo! I finally get me some 18 year old white puss-say…

I’m not sure what you were thinking when you saw the subject line for this entry, but you should get your mind out of the gutter nevertheless… That’s my place of residence. Snow, one of my roomie’s cats (and the oldest cat I’ve ever known), likes to climb on me when I’m sitting at the computer. Thankfully she hasn’t decided to use me a scratching post. I know the pic of her looks a bit strange, but no, one eye isn’t all buggered up. She has two different colored ones… one blue and one gold. This is the cat that likes to sleep on me when I’m piloting the couch on my nights off. That in itself is strange because before Kasandra moved in here with her menagerie, Snow was pretty much stand-offish to everyone for her entire life. Maybe she senses a kindred spirit… me with my cat-like reflexes and her with her cat-like being a cat. :o) I sure am glad it’s not a dog the size of Nevada or Reznor that decided it liked to climb up on my shoulder while I was trying to type…

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2 Responses to Whoo hoo! I finally get me some 18 year old white puss-say…

  1. Lyn says:

    i read u\’re blog finally cute puss-say cat

  2. JoAnne says:

    cool cat Mark,  yes you do have the kind of kindred spirit to go with it.   things are going well my knee is healing very good.  I walk around with out the cane most of the time in the house but do still use it outside.  

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