What the heck?

Due to circumstances beyond my control (I was already cozy), I slept on the couch last night. The night went like most do on the couch, filled with rolling and having a cat laying somewhere on my body. It wasn’t until morning that I recall any dreams happening, and what an odd assortment they were. In the first part, I’m walking to work. See, how bizarro is that? Not only am I walking, I’ve got a cat on my shoulder (a different cat than the one that normally sleeps on me – sort of a cross between the two cats that live here, only friendlier) and I’m walking along the dirt road that leads to camp. I’ve just passed the 4 corners at Victoria Back Line (or whatever it’s called) and I’m just rounding the corner by the broken down stone cow barn. For some reason Kurtis, Allice’s brother, runs up to tell me something. I can’t remember exactly what it is, but I look down at my watch (I’m wearing a watch!) and notice that I’m going to be late for work (which is where camp is) unless I really pick up the pace. Cut to me using a toilet on an RV. No, I didn’t have to go, I had already gone in my dream (thankfully – I hate those dreams where you start to go to the washroom), and was just finishing up the paperwork with paper towels (all I could find apparently). That’s odd enough, but there’s more. The toilet, instead of being in some tiny little closet somewhere in the RV, is situated right out in the open, positioned between the driver’s and passenger’s chair at the front. The RV is parked out at Otter Lake, just down from where Grandma’s camp is, close to the fire pit. That and I’m naked.

Not too sure what my professional dream analyst will say, but I think that taken collectively it means: I’ve had it with my shitty job and I need to find a girl and go camping. Yup. It all makes sense. Well, except for Kurtis’ role in it. Hmmm… nope. I’ve got nothing.

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One Response to What the heck?

  1. Allen says:

    i dunno man… but any dream that involves animals, children, camp and nudity can only be bad!

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