If we hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominos will fall like a house of cards… Checkmate!

Yesterday morning I was supposed to go to the casino bright and early and participate in the Early Bird poker tournament with my friend, Wendy. Well, Wendy, feeling guilty for taking the day off of work to get ready for a trip to Calgary, decided to not go. I wasn’t about to go there alone (barely go into the casino as it is), so I spent the day at home alone and played poker online instead. That turned out to be a fairly good idea.

When I got home from work the night before (pulled a 10 hour shift at my second job – whoo hoo!) and got the message from Wendy on my computer, I decided to fiddle around online, download and watch a tv show and play some poker. Right in the middle of a game I was in, the poker server froze everyone out and kicked us all off. They refunded the money to the remaining players and based on chip-count at the time of the freeze, you got a percentage of the main pot. That was nice. I ended up with about 50 cents more than what I started with.

So here I was yesterday, sitting at the computer and scanning for my buddy Eric that likes to play there. I wanted to try to play some heads-up poker against him to see if I had the chops to beat him (he pretty much ignited my love of the game when we worked together years and years ago – I didn’t play after that, but it was what encouraged me to start to watch poker on tv). Every time I’ve seen him on that poker site, he’s already in a closed game. Yesterday was no exception. I watched him play for a little bit (trying to pick up clues of his game play, heheh), then decided to play in a cheap tournament. The buy-in was $4 with an additional 40 cents going to the house. It was a 180 player sit-and-go, so as soon as 180 players joined up, the game was on. During the first hour, my game was pretty tight. I maintained an above-average chip stack and watched the other players drop like flies. In the second hour, I caught a few lucky hands (and a few unsuspecting players off-guard) and moved into the top 12 on the leaderboard. The start of the third hour of play saw me sitting in the top 3 (and for some time was the leader – with a significant lead). Thanks to getting rivered a couple of times by people with weaker starting hands, my chip stack dwindled to table basement. I was in 7th place (with just 7 people remaining), but not by much and was confident that I was going to be able to battle back. Even if I was to bust out in 7th, I would have received $25.20. Not bad for a $4.40 investment. That’s when it happened…

The server froze everyone out again…

Unlike the night before, almost everyone was able to log back in within about 5-10 minutes. Almost. They ended up canceling the game and doing the same kind of payout that happened the night before. Instead of getting $25.20 for last place, my share of the loot was was $59.97. Much better than a kick in the crotch.

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