Call 911… I’ve OD’d on the Food Network

Commercial television doesn’t really interest me much anymore. All the TV shows that I watch I get from the net in beautiful digital quality without all those pesky commercials breaking up the story being told. That being said, I’m finding that the only channel that I’m watching when I’m at home is the Food Network. It’s even worse right now… I’m currently enjoying two weeks off from my main job. Being the procrastinating kind of guy that I am, instead of doing my laundry (going to have to go out tomorrow in a pair of underwear and a Star Trek T-shirt that I got in Vegas), or fixing Mel’s computer (which has been sitting under my desk for over a month), or visiting friends that I haven’t seen in far too long (you all know who you are), I’ve been spending a LOT of time watching all kinds of cooking shows. The only reason I’m not watching right now is that I got a phone call asking for help with a computer problem and haven’t gotten around to turning it back on. Bah! I should cut the cable again so all I have is the internet. Things were so much simpler then. Heh. That’ll happen soon. My cheap 7 months is going to expire some time after Allice goes back on the ship, so I’ll cut it then. Hardly worth paying that kind of money if I’m only going to watch the Food Network. I can get my fix at work if need be.

I’ve heard some complaints that I’m not blogging enough. I agree. There have been some damn interesting things happening in my life lately that some of you know absolutely nothing about. Some of it will remain in the dark and some will be exposed. This won’t be done out of trying to hide facts, but mostly due to an over-taxed memory and lack of sleep for so long that certain details just were not retained. Meh.

A short poem:

I am the king
I am the fool
to some: ambivalence
to others: I rule

I spend my time
all work and no play
catching pieces of color
in what’s mostly grey

family troubles
waxing and waning
so far away
my heart is paining

the sun comes out
the rain clouds part
all play and no work
lazy is now high art

uneventful days
make my heart sing
I am the fool
I am the king

I apologize for the crappiness of the picture, but it was taken with my phone. I was working at my second job and was taking a client for a walk on the dyke in Pitt Meadows. This is the view that I get every morning on my drive home from my regular job. I pass this around 9:15am four days a week. I’ve always wanted to take a picture of it, especially during that first burst of spring, with the green just starting to show and the mountains all majestic with their jagged blackness and contrasting snow-capped peaks. This picture does not do the scene justice. It does, however, illustrate why I like it here so much. Water, trees and rocks… just like Northern ON – only bigger.

I really need to start carrying my camera with me on a regular basis. There are always picture opportunities that pass me by because I’m unprepared. Mrs. D. wouldn’t be very proud of me (not only my 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teacher, but also one of my cub scout leaders). Even if my camera sits unused for days or even weeks at a time, it would make it all worth it at times like last Sunday morning when I was leaving work and starting my holiday time. This is what I saw…

Those three deer that I had written about before months and months ago just happened to come back. Hmmm… looking at all these pictures like this, it’s clear that I’m an idiot. My phone’s nice, protective case is interfering with the lens. Bah. This is as bad as having your finger in all of your holiday photos. I apologize.

Sorry that this post isn’t going to be as long and in-depth as others I’ve written, but it’s currently past 3 in the morning and I’m heading off to see my buddy Alex for lunch in North Vancouver (and maybe take a walk around Lonsdale Quay).

Before I go, I’d like to plug my friends’ blogs. They write much more often than I do and much of what they say is interesting… to me at least. :o)

Allen – Confessions of a Diet Coke Junkie

Andreas – A Quiet Unseen Westcoast Canadian Bear

Stay tuned for a blast from the past… I’m going to repost something I posted on another site that not many people have looked at. Should be up in the next couple of days. If not, someone please remind me.


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3 Responses to Call 911… I’ve OD’d on the Food Network

  1. Unknown says:

    YAY!!! *does a little dance – shakes his booty and waves his arms*  You put up a new post. 🙂

  2. JoAnne says:

    Nice pics need to carry camera for sure.  Ya getting lazy on the blogs can\’t read them if you don\’t write them.  Have a good day

  3. Pat says:

    Hey Mark,
    Love reading your blog–speaking of cameras, I took mine to the 50th Anniversary celebrations at Central and the batteries gave up–only got a few shots in but will send them when I get them on my computer (I take shots but procrastinate about moving them to my picture folder).
    Mrs. D.

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