This little piggie went *crunch*

My two weeks off is going pretty good. Had a lot of fun, hung out with some friends, finally got Melanie her computer, spent days setting up my new computer, and played some poker at Allen’s new house. Fun times! It was an awesome game, with some really great playing. Too bad I couldn’t catch any cards to save my chips… Until the second game that is. As good as the first game was, the second game was even better, with insane action and a hand that was worthy of TV. Wendy totally spanked Allen with a pocket pair of deuces. The emotions ran the full range on that hand, with Allen showing glee at winning a MAJOR pot with his pocket sixes, followed immediately thereafter by his despair when she flipped over her second 2, showing a full house. Classic. I ended up winning the second game.

I had to be up early for work, so when I got home from Allen’s, instead of messing around on the computer, I decided  to go to the washroom and go straight to bed. Walking into the bedroom, I smashed my right foot into the door frame and broke the 4th toe. That made sleeping a bit more difficult. To make things even better, my job involved a lot of walking. Fun Times.

The color isn’t really showing through here as good as it actually is. I should have used natural lighting and disabled the flash to get the full effect. This is the second time that I’ve broken this poor little piggie. Here’s the thing… every other time that I’ve broken toes, there’s been a really good excuse for doing it (and strangely enough, Melanie was involved in one way or the other). This time… I have nothing. The light was on in the bedroom, the floor wasn’t cluttered with clothes, nothing… <sigh>

To add insult to injury, I think I’m coming down with something. Aches and pains (besides the toe) and a head that feels a bit too large. This always happens when I take time off and don’t actually leave the province! I’m hoping I can shake it off before it drags me down. Bah! I don’t need this right now.

Alrighty… I promised that I would post an old blog that I had written somewhere else. Even though nobody reminded me, I still remembered about it. Here’s the thing though… I’ve already posted it here. It’s called "Good Dental Hygiene" if you’d like to re-read it.

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3 Responses to This little piggie went *crunch*

  1. Allen says:

    ew! Ew! EW! Was the picture totally necessary? Yet another stubby purple appendage of yours i did not want to see! 😛 Yeah, the poker game was good, and i am so glad that you enjoyed telling the tale of my defeat without mentioning the fact that i won the first game and took, what, thirty of your pretty dollars? heh heh! Enjoy the rest of your time off, and watch where you\’re going, eh! :o)

  2. Wendy says:

    Ow!  I\’m sorry about your toe! I do love to read about my pocket dueces though!  I know Allen would probably enjoy a good spanking although not by a girl and not at the poker table! 😛  Oh well, sometimes you have to take what you can get!
    Allen, I would love to say I\’m sorry, but it wouldn\’t be true.  To be honest I\’ve enjoyed a bit of a giggle a few times this week when I think about those pocket twos.  Who new I could be a bit of a \’beeotch\’? 

  3. Faiora says:

    I\’m with Allen on this one… the first idea that sprung into my head upon seeing a TOE on the visible main section of your page was… well… "EW! I did NOT need to hear about someone\’s foot fungus, much less SEE it"… and then I realised (and read) that it is not, in fact, a foot fungus discussion… But still… The picture wasn\’t necessary 😛
    That said, I\’m very sorry about your poor little toe.  And I\’m sorry you\’re not feeling well.  Even though I don\’t know you.  😛
    And thanks for popping by my little hideyhole of a page… I feel all special and part-of-the-loop-ish now 😀

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