Let’s Get Cracking!!!

Despite my being sick for the last week of my time off a few weeks ago, I’d like to go back to that, if for nothing else than I wasn’t working. Work lately has been a bit over-whelming, with overtime, extra shifts, etc. Yeah, the money is going to be nice, but my sanity, while still hotly disputed in some circles, would also be nice. I was so dead dog tired after the poker game on Sunday that I slept for just under 9 hours. Yes, that is not a typo… Nine hours. For those of you that don’t know me all that well, that’s about double what I normally get in a day, and this was all in one continuous run (well, more of a walk – I don’t run). The crazy thing is that after I woke up and went for a pee, I could have taken a nap… but I had to go to work. Again. Through some bizarre twist of fate, I’m not scheduled to work tonight. It’s like I’m going to have a real weekend, just like the normal people. I almost got roped in to an overnight shift, but I was able to dodge that bullet.

I worked until midnight last night at a group home that I don’t often work at. It’s a fairly easy house, with 2-3 unsecured wireless internet access points available from neighbours. I generally work alone and the big part of my job is making supper, making sure everyone gets their meds and that they don’t wander off into traffic. After 8 hours of doing that, I hop in my trusty car and take the 10 minute drive home. I leave base camp at the bottom of Mount Shaughnessy (the front stairs of my building – if you’ve ever climbed them, you know what I’m talking about) and about a quarter of the way up I see a small baggie on one of the stairs with something in it. Without ever having seen it before, I knew immediately that it was crack. Yes, Virginia, there really are crack heads that live in my building. Excellent. I took the baggie so I can pass it off to the next cop I see patrolling the back parking lot (which is frequently). The thought of denying one of those fuckers on the other side of the building a tiny chunk of pleasure fills me with a sense of glee. Is that wrong? Hmmm… nah. :o) The picture on the right is the actual baggie of crack I found. It’s about the size of a quarter.

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One Response to Let’s Get Cracking!!!

  1. JoAnne says:

    Hey there where have you been, don\’t you answer your emails anymore.  Love Mom

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