AC and the Ultima IV

Heheh… my subject line sounds like a band from the 70’s. "This Friday! Captain and Tenille! with Special Guests: AC and the Ultima IV!" Captain and Tenille? Yikes! Really showing my age there.

I got an email today that prompted this post. It was from my new online friend Fai-Chan. She wanted to know if everything was alright because I hadn’t posted a blog in quite some time. Yup, more than alright… Everything is fairly great.

After getting lots of exercise on Monday, I took it easy for the next two days in my beautifully air conditioned apartment. Yup, the two hottest days so far this year and I was comfortably sitting around in my PJs in wonderfully chilled 19C air blowing from the best damn investment I’ve ever made. Dollar for dollar, the only other thing that I own that even compares to the enjoyment and value that I’ve gotten out of my AC unit is my Teva Terradactyls. Yup… my sandals that I bought some 10 years ago for about $150 in a shop close to the shore of Lake Okanogan. After 10 years, they’re finally getting ready to retire, so that’s like $15/yr for footwear. (For some reason all of my apostrophes are missing in my story on the Teva website)

During those two days of blissful coolness, I was playing around with Facebook and added some family members from back East. I also got a message there from my best friend from high school, Paul Hirtle. Back in the day (late 80’s to you younger folk), we used to play a game called Ultima IV on our Commodore 64s (well, the Commodore 128 for Paul – but he ran it in 64 mode). We spent hours and hours on end playing that game, mapping the towns, finding all the secrets,  gathering members of our party, etc. We got to the point where we were almost finished it. How close were we? We had to answer ONE more question in order to win the game. Battling down to the bottom of the last dungeon in order to get to the question asking stage took between 4 and 6 hours of game play. You couldn’t save in the dungeon, so each time we failed to answer that last question, we got kicked out and had to fight our way back down. That was discouraging… so much so that we put it down for about 20 years. Well, it’s now freeware and downloadable for the PC. There are people out there that were even more obsessed with it that we were that have put out some truly awesome websites regarding it. We won’t have to entirely recreate all of our notes from scratch (many, many hours were spent sitting in my Aunt Wendy’s and Uncle Garnet’s basement – where I lived – figuring out the moongates and all the reagents for the spells) and all of the town maps are online. Needless to say, both of us have gotten back into it a bit. I’m at the advantage though… he’s got a regular job with what passes for a regular home life. I live alone and work alone. Ahhh… Sad to some, perfect for me. Anyhow… instead of getting anything resembling work done on my computer for a couple of the websites I maintain, I was fighting off Orcs and Demons and Balrons and Pirates. After only two days, I’m halfway to becoming an 8-parts avatar. :oP

In other fun news, our long-awaited Poker Tournament is finally taking place this Sunday! It’s about 2 months over-due, but it’s been worth it. At least, from where I’m sitting now with all the people that said they were going to attend, this will be our biggest game to date. We’re looking at getting between 10 and 12 people showing up for the game. At $50 a head, that’s between $400 and $500 for the winner. Not only that, our Royal Flush Progressive Pot will be almost $410! How sweet would that be to win both the Royal Flush Pot and the big game? Nice. 🙂 But… not going to count my chickens before they’re deep-fried and in the bucket. We’ve had promises of big games before only to have them not work out. Also, the Royal Flush Pot has been building since April 2006. There’s only been one Royal in that entire time and it wasn’t played all the way out (the last card needed for the Royal was the river card and it was never played). Chances are it’ll keep on growing. We even have a Third to Last draw that’ll pay more than second place. We’ve been taking a buck for each player from the pot of game one each week and adding it to a jar. Even if you don’t make it to the money positions in the big game, you still have a chance for the money in the jar. A random draw at the end of the game will determine who gets it among all of the non-winners. With how my last two tournaments have gone (Sandwich Bitch each time!), I might actually have a chance at getting money this time. One in ten… I’ll take those odds over the one in a bajillion for 6/49.

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One Response to AC and the Ultima IV

  1. Faiora says:

    Awwww you mentioned me! And even linked to me!  *feels special* ^_^I…. don\’t have air conditioning.  Can\’t do much where I am but hook fans up.  At least hot air feels better when it\’s moving.  I wouldn\’t go so far as to say I\’d kill for air conditioning, but I might severely injure, if that\’s what it took.  The game sounds like a blast….So does poker, actually.  I\’ve played Texas Hold\’m and that\’s about it.  I don\’t trust myself to play with money *chuckles*Besides, while you guys are sitting around playing poker I\’ll be sitting in a nice warm shaded outdoor pool, rich with minerals and sulphur and other such stuff.  Mmm.  Uh, yeah.  You have fun with your poker \’n such ^_~

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