This is a witty subject line…

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the big poker tournament did not go down as it was supposed to. It was literally called off at the last minute by Allen. It was most likely for the best… not sure how effective I would have been at the game. I had gotten a massive 3/4 of an hour sleep and was feeling a bit cranky. I spent far too much time in the morning when I got home from work trying to get my laptop ready to go for the game. I was going to be using it to keep track of the games and figure out the chip advantages for the third game. I also set up a blinds clock so that the blinds would count down at a regular interval, pretty much ensuring that each game wouldn’t last more than 3 hours. When all that was done and I should have been sleeping, I then tossed the house in search of one of several s-video cables I have. I wanted to hook the laptop up to Allen’s TV so everyone could see the clock counting down. It was a fruitless endeavor, a search without joyful resolution, a fool’s quest. I don’t know where the s-video cable fairy hid my cables, but if I ever see them, they’re going to get a piece of my mind.

 With the game being called off, I had all afternoon to sleep. I didn’t, but the option was there. I got a call from Melanie to see if I could help them move their freezer to the new house. I was so glad that I decided to wear jeans and my shoes. I mean, how else could I have gotten so damn sweaty? Oh well, probably saved my legs from countless scratches from Nevada jumping up on me in his excitement to see me. Yeah, come to think of it, it was a good idea. That didn’t stop him from tagging me once in the secret no-no place though. :\ I didn’t end up going to bed until much, much later in the evening.

My two shifts for my second job seemed to just fly by. I was working at a day program this week and every time I work there, I have a great time, get a lot of exercise and I get along well with all the staff and clients. Better yet, I’m their first choice for a casual when they need someone. :o) I think that the next time a position opens up there I’m going to apply. The position that might be coming available would be a near 40 hour one. Not sure if I’d keep both jobs or not. I’m sure at first I would, just so I could reap the rewards of all my hard work. It wouldn’t really affect me too much if I did keep both jobs. The day program is Monday to Friday, so I’d still get Sundays off to play poker. Plus, as all of you multi-jobbers out there know, a change is as good as a break. The pace of work between the two places is so different that I shouldn’t burn out too quickly. :oP We’ll see though, it’s still up in the air. I do know though that the supervisor of the day program was disappointed that I didn’t apply for the last position that opened up. I like this feeling… having a window open on what was otherwise a bleak existence. Hmmm… my social life, such as it is, would completely die… except for stat holidays. :o)

In other news, I finally sent my Cowon in to be repaired. It had completely stopped being able to be charged, making it a $400 paper weight. I’m hoping they have a fairly quick turn-around on it. Yes, I’m still able to watch all of my shows that I download with my laptop, but the Cowon was a one-stop shopping center for media pleasure. I’d be able to keep up on my tech podcasts on my drive in to work and when I’m sweeping and mopping the floor, my vast assortment of music would make the work seem not as tedious. Can’t quite do that with my laptop. Not only that, I can fit my Cowon in my shirt pocket. I’m just glad I had my laptop to fall back on in this time of hardship. :oP Heheh…

Speaking of totally necessary tech, I was *thisclose* to buying a new phone. I was browsing through Craigslist and this guy in Surrey was selling a phone that made certain parts of my body all tingly and warm. If I had seen the ad the week before when he first put it out, I might be doing this blog from my new phone. It was an import from the States that none of the carriers around here have (nor are they likely to ever have). After seeing it and reading up on it, the ones that Rogers, my service provider, has, hold little appeal for me. <sigh> Spoiled by the dream of perfection in the palm of my hand. Hey! Maybe I can find one on eBay! Heheh… :oP

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2 Responses to This is a witty subject line…

  1. Allen says:

    "perfection in the palm of my hand"… Taken out of context, that could sound like you\’re really high on yourself – tee hee. Wow! You\’re really getting your geek on, ain\’tcha! Cowon! S-Video! Laptop! How is life in your mother\’s basement? 😛 See ya Sunday… I\’ll be the one taking your money!

  2. Sophie says:

    Hey You!
    Speaking of paperweights?  How\’s my 8 pound paperweight coming along? Miss You !!  *HUGS*

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