Reading, Writing and Risk Assessment…

I was disappointed that we weren’t able to hold our big poker game a couple of weeks ago, but everything happens for a reason. Instead of playing poker, I helped out Melanie and Trevor move some big ass heavy stuff from the house they were renting to their brand spanking new house out in Abbotsford. For those of you that know me well, you’ll understand when I say that it’s going to take me a long time before I figure out how to get to their new place on my own. My Voyageur ancestors would not be very proud. 😛 I picked up the ipod that Mel gave me too, which is good because it’ll let me catch up/listen to the podcasts that I used to use my cowon for. Speaking of which, my cowon has arrived at the repair center down in California, been assessed and in currently being repaired. I’m hoping to have it back within a week or two. Whoo hoo!

My new friend, Faiora, came over and we talked books and I showed her how to play Risk. It only took 4 rounds before I beat her, but for a first time against someone like me, not too bad at all. I’m sure the next game will be a bit more of a challenge (if she learns that she doesn’t have to commit all of her armies to some sort of attack – the best offence is a good defense). I lent her a couple of books as well. Waiting to hear about what she thought of them…

Speaking of books, Faiora has written, according to her, several half-novels. She wanted to engage her creative side again and thought that a novel way (hahah – me so punny) to do it would be to have sort of a battle of stories with me. I suggested a collaborative journal, then we pounded out the ground rules from there. The first person is to write a story that is NO MORE than 500 words long. There are no restrictions to content, except for when the next story is written. It must use at least one element from the previous story. The really hard part for me is going to be keeping the story contained to less than 500 words! You guys have read my blog postings in the past and read my travel journals… you know how I like to extemporize.

(Here’s something fun… in the preceding three paragraphs, there’s 403 words. Less than 100 words more than that is how long the story can be, Maximum!)

This is kind of like the collaborative story writing I did back in Edmonton when I belonged to that one BBS. It’s name has been lost to me, but I still have those stories kicking around somewhere (and who wrote each chapter). I haven’t done any creative writing since about the end of the first year in Edmonton (besides my tax form each year). Almost everything since then has been travel journals or blogs.
I think I’m really going to like this. :o) If you’d like to read these short stories as they come out, please go to the website. Leave some comments/critiques too please. We’re not going to get any better if people don’t tell us what we’re doing wrong. At some point I may put up a site for the unedited, unabridged versions of my stories. The 500 word limit is somewhat limiting. Heh. In my first story, A Piece of Silver, I had to cut 200 words from what I already felt was too short of a story to get the finish product. It does foster creativity though and that’s good.

This whole short story battle thing reminds me of something I saw recently online. I was just doing some random browsing and came across this one forum that people were having Photoshop battles. Same deal as our stories… One person would set up the rules of the battle (picture size, theme, etc), then create a picture following that theme. The next person would have to use one element from their picture and incorporate it into their own. Some of the work I saw was truly inspired. If this creative writing thing works how it’s supposed to, it should jump start the rusty cylinders of my brain that used to do this sort of thing… It’d be nice to finally get into the number one career choice that I had according to that survey they did in high school. Strangely, my current occupation, overnight bum-wiper, wasn’t on that list (and yet mortician was!).

Another bonus of having my books out to show Faiora was that I found a few that I wouldn’t mind re-reading (I think for the third, possibly fourth time). I burned through those books like a house on fire. I guess I’ll just have to dip my hand back into my magic book box and see what it pulls out. Hmmm… maybe I’ll re-read the entire Shanarra series again. Sounds like it could be a plan. :o)

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2 Responses to Reading, Writing and Risk Assessment…

  1. Sophie says:

    I\’m soooooooooooooooooo excitd to say I am one of those friends you will be visiting.. woot woot to that:) Can\’t wait Mark!! Big question is…What are we going to do with ourselves…take a look at Elora Gorge..let me know what you think?! 

  2. Sophie says:

    I\’m soooooooooooooooooo excitd to say I am one of those friends you will be visiting.. woot woot to that:) Can\’t wait Mark!! Big question is…What are we going to do with ourselves…take a look at Elora Gorge..let me know what you think?! 

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