It was the best of times, it was the wurst of times… Mmm… bratwurst.

Ok… I’m going to start off by telling you that this blog in no way, shape, or form, has anything to do with bratwurst. Now that that’s out of the way we can get on to the really important things that are going on in my life.

Be… no. Thre… Nah. Lots of… hmmm…

Alrighty then… not a heck of a lot happening right now. Maybe I should talk about bratwurst? Heh. Don’t get me wrong, lots *has* happened since the last time I wrote, but writing about it now may not hold the same excitement and edge of your seat fascination that it once held. Take me going to the movies last week with my friend Faiora. We went to go see Superbad. Not quite the most exciting thing you say? Sure it was! Not only was it a super funny movie (I was crying from laughing in places), but it was the first time I had gotten out to the movie theatre in months and months and months. My schedule doesn’t permit me a lot of down time. When I do get it, I usually just sit in front of my computer or sleep (or try to sleep). My buddy Alex’s ex-girlfriend gave me a couple of free movie passes for doing some work on her computer a LOOOONG time ago. I still have one sitting on my desk. That’s how often I go out.

My Aunt Wendy and Uncle Garnet came out to BC and I visited with them for a bit. I had to call in sick for a couple of shifts (one with each job) in order to have any time to spend with them, but it was worth it. It’s so much fun playing tour guide. You get to see so many things that aren’t in your day-to-day life. I tend to forget just how big of a place it is that I live in because the majority of my life is spent within a 25 minutes drive to and from my two jobs. It takes driving up to the lookout on Burnaby Mountain, or the one up on Cypress that I bring everyone too, to really see just how huge it really is. We went all the way up to Squamish to see Shannon Falls, through the devastation in Stanley Park from last year’s storms, to the seedy underbelly of Vancouver. Heh. I like to show that first so that everything else is, by any scale you use, better and more beautiful. :o) After cramming as much as we could into two days, they rented a car and took a tour of their own through the interior and onto Vancouver Island a bit to visit with friends and family. I’m pretty sure they had a good time, but it’s so much to see in such a short amount of time that they were suffering from overload when they finally got back on the train and headed back East to hearth and home.

I finally got my tenth Winner Card playing poker with my friends. I can’t remember the last time I got one, but it’s been months and months. I’m just waiting for my 10th Sandwich Bitch Card and then I’ll start to cash them in. If my luck holds true, I’ll get my 10th SB card playing our poker tournament when I get back from my holidays.

You read me right… I said holidays. I have one more shift to go (want to know something funny? I have this typo that I always seem to do when I type "shift"… I almost always forget to type the "F". How appropriate) before I officially start them. Three weeks of fun in the sun, laying on a beach, feeling the sand squish between my toes…. yeah, that’s *NOT* how I’ll be spending it. I’ll be doing something almost as fun, and probably as warm. I’m flying out to ON for my three weeks off. I’m going to use my first week to visit with my friends, then the majority of two weeks up north visiting with family and spending some time back at camp. I can hardly wait. The best part is that I haven’t packed one stitch of clothing yet, or gotten myself organized in any way. Fun! :o)

There is one last thing that I’m going to write about before I call this entry done… I think I mentioned in my previous blog about how Faiora and I are swapping 500 word stories back and forth in a different kind of blog. Despite asking for comments from my massive fan base (hahah), the only comments on the stories so far belong to just the two of us. We’re doing this to try to get better at telling a good story in as few words as possible. Five Hundred Words is a very harsh mistress. It’s difficult to get your point across in such a small framework. Go… read the stories… give us praise or sling poop… Give us your ideas on what the stories are telling you. We’ve already noticed between the two of us that what we intended isn’t necessarily what is coming across and that things might be less sinister (or more) than we originally thought. It’s quite fun and exercises the brain.

So remember… Read… Comment. Feel free to completely trash the stories if you want, but try explain what isn’t working and why you don’t like it…


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