The Start of Something Old?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been about five and a half years since I posted on this blog. Part of it was that I kind of just stopped writing as my life got busy (or more boring – who knows? It’s been 5 years). The other part is that I completely and utterly forgot about this blog. I only stumbled across the address when I was going through old email looking for a recipe. Rereading my posts was fun and brought back a lot of memories.

So much has happened since ’07, but to write about it all would take up a LOT of your time (and, more importantly, mine). How about a brief recap in point form? No? Too bad, that’s what you’re getting. 🙂

• I moved in with my buddy Allen
• I gave up my second job
• My beloved Sebring died (after I put thousands into it)
• I discovered that I really like pho
• I got myself a girlfriend
• I started a weight loss plan in order to cut my weight in half (almost there)

Much, much more has happened, but those are some of the high points.

As an aside, I’m posting this with an app on my phone. I really hope it works properly. Let’s see if I can add a picture too. 🙂


Reznor sleeping on my bed

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