Captain Costco

It’s currently 10 to 10 in the morning and I’m waiting in my toasty warm car for the Costco to open up. People are actually lining up to get in. Really? You’re going to get that much more shopping done by being in the door a minute before me? Will standing out in the chilly air make you move faster once you get inside?

Went out for Chinese food by my lonesome on Monday night. I originally wanted to get lettuce wrap up the street from me, but it was closed. I ended up going to a place called Lucky Gate and got some other tasty dishes. They make all their noodles by hand (you can watch them doing it in the huge window into the kitchen), and you can have them two different ways: “dragging” and “cutting”. With dragging, the cook does all the fancy pulling of the noodle dough and flouring it as he pulls it longer and longer. Cutting, he has a block of the dough and cuts slices off of it into the boiling water to cook before frying them up. Speaking without exaggeration, simply the best noodles I’ve had. Ever.

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