The unending search for a recipe bears unexpected fruit…

I was chatting with my sister and some cousins on Facebook about some of Grandma Morrissette’s old cookie/treat recipes. Dad gave me his version of how to make hermit cookies (twice!) and I can’t seem to find it. I know that one of them is in a birthday or Christmas card, but I’ve looked through all of my old mail and it’s not jumping out at me. I’ve found other recipes that I hadn’t remembered, but not the one I was looking for.

Then I found this:

ID card

It’s an ID card I made for the company I worked for. I worked for them from 1991 to 1993, and this would fall close to the end of 1992. I remember driving up to the Kinkos in Waterloo in the middle of the night photocopying various pieces that I had printed out on my dot matrix printer, and a logo I had cut off some letterhead. I developed the picture myself in my basement darkroom. Well, my darkroom in my mom’s basement. Smile Once I got everything looking right (the black border was from a sharpie and a ruler) and cut down to size, I had it laminated. This was the best of 6 that I made that night. Photoshop makes this stuff so easy these days. (Although I’m not using Photoshop anymore – I use a free alternative, GIMP)

I’m going to need to get on a few of my cousins’ cases about those recipes. I’d like to put together a little recipe book with all the old favorites from both sides of the family. That’s a collection I wouldn’t mind having.

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