Poke her? I barely know her!

Had a great time at the poker game last night. A fairly good turn-out with 8 people (including Allen and myself) for a few $10 games. I did ok at the beginning of the first game, almost doubling up with the first hand alone. I kind of bled chips after that and ended up busting out in 4th place. The second game… ouch. I was out in the first hand after the blinds went up for the first time. I lasted all of 16 minutes. Oh well.

After a few more people busted out of the second game, Allen started up a cash game in the living room at the small table. I did much better there, picking up lots of big pocket pairs that actually held up. Unlike the previous two games where anyone with a pair of pocket aces or kings was bound to be beat by someone playing a J-4 off suit or a 9-7 suited like they were gold. Smile In the end, I cashed out for $30, effectively getting to play for free for the entire night. Even if I didn’t get that, I would have thought $30 was a small price to pay for an evening’s entertainment.

I didn’t get a chance to bake my salted chocolate chip cookies, but that’s ok. Plenty of snacks and treats were brought by the other people that showed up. Didn’t have any of it though.

It was good to see so many new faces at the game. It would be nice to try to make this happen a bit more often too. I liked playing with a full table, even if I didn’t last as long as I wanted to.

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