I should probably brush more… I have bluetooth.

Denise and I went out last night to pick her up a new phone. That trip took us from Coquitlam Center Mall to Guildford Town Center out in Surrey. First time either one of us had been to that mall. We were both left with the impression that something was wrong with it and we can’t quite put our collective fingers on it. Too empty? Weird.
We went to Wind Mobile and got her a Samsung Galaxy Nexus on the $40/month plan. Quite the deal. Time will tell if it’s all that it’s cracked up to be. She was a bit distraught by the fact that her new phone doesn’t have a built-in qwerty keyboard, just on-screen. I suggested a bluetooth keyboard and we took a trip down the escalator and went to The Source. I don’t normally shop there unless I don’t have any other choices due to the prices being significantly higher than other stores. Surprisingly, they had a 3/4 size bluetooth keyboard on for 20 bucks. It was too big for what she wanted it for, but I thought that it’d be perfect to use with my tablet. I was right. It is. I’m using it right now to type this up. I even dug out my tiny usb mouse and plugged it in too. Now it’s just like a little laptop. Heh. I like it. The following picture should adequately show what I’m talking about. The magazine under the tablet and keyboard is filled with holiday cookie recipes. 🙂


faux laptop

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