Thank you for choosing Rogers. How may we bend you over the table today?


A couple of weeks ago, Allen, my roomie, gave me his Acer Iconia tablet after he got himself a fancy new tablet. I already had an Android tablet, but it was wifi only and the Iconia can get online all by itself. You just have to have a sim card installed in it.

I finally got around to buying a new sim card yesterday when I was out with Denise. I woke up early and thought that I’d quickly set it up and stop leeching Allen’s data (his sim card was still in it and linked to his data account). Say goodbye to 3+ hours.

The first Customer Service Rep (CSR) that I had was very helpful. I was on the phone with her for about 20 minutes trying to get things sorted. A problem showed up immediately though, when I tried to answer the security questions. For some reason they changed my birthdate on file to my mom’s. This likely happened this past summer when I was setting up her phone with a new data plan. Excellent. Once I passed through that, the next hurdle to jump was my data plan itself. It wasn’t marked as “shareable” when I first got it. Simple enough, I think, just mark it as shareable and we’ll add my fancy new sim card to it. No, not so much. She doesn’t have that power at her level to change a data plan that’s no longer being offered. Before she can escalate it, my signal, being Rogers, went down to eff all and dropped the call.

The second CSR I talked to (Donald, Daniel, David, something – from now on known as CSR# 882075), was significantly less on the ball than the first one. He too noticed that the birthdate was wrong, but couldn’t wrap his head around what happened and how to fix it. We literally spent 40 minutes of me being on hold intermittently and him typing crap into his computer, trying to sort out the date of birth thing. After he eventually made a note on my file, he tried to sign off. I again reiterated the original purpose of my call (before he got hung up on the DOB thing), sharing my data plan with my new tablet. He gladly takes my new sim card number and types it all in to his computer. After all that’s done and I notice something else on my account that I’d like looked at, he fixes that issue, but tells me that he can’t credit me the extra money I’ve been charged for a duplication of services (both my new data plan and an add-on both had 6pm weekday calling – I was being charged $7/mo for the add-on). Dave/Dan/Don decides to check the account before finishing up the call and notices that the data plan isn’t shared and he can’t do that. Duh. I tried to tell him that at the beginning of everything. He escalates it up the chain. With both phone calls, this is now about an hour and 15 minutes after I started.

I’m on hold for about 10-15 minutes when Javier answers and we get to the bottom of everything. He’s able to mark my data plan as shareable and then informs me that I need a new sim card. Seems that 3D permanently linked my brand new sim card to my phone number. Not as a shared thing, but AS THE PHONE NUMBER. I now have to go to the nearest Rogers store, purchase another sim card and he’ll call me back in under 60 minutes. Awesome. The nearest Rogers store is in the mall. Nothing I like more than to be in the mall during Xmas shopping season.

I crawl through the end of rush hour traffic to the mall, buy my new sim card and wait for Javier to call me back. I try to reply to a text message I got earlier and it says that I don’t have service. I try again with the same response. This is where what Dave/Don/Dan did comes back to bite me in the ass. My phone’s original sim card is no longer registered. Luckily, I had brought the other one with me and swapped it in to the phone. Sure enough, it worked. But… it wasn’t an LTE sim card, just a regular one. It would work for phone calls and data, but if I wanted to get the fast data that I was actually paying for, I’d need to get my LTE sim card reactivated.

Javier calls me back 10 minutes after I get my phone working again and sorts me all out. That makes it sound like it was a quick process. It wasn’t. Easily another 30 minutes on the phone as he tries to unwrap the pretzel that my account has become. He also confirms that I’ll have to buy yet another sim card to replace the one that the second CSR buggered. He credits my account for the two extra sim cards that I had to buy.

When all was said and done and both my phone and my tablet were working online (and on the proper data plans), I’d spent around 3.5 hours on the phone and had to drive to the mall (with all the horrors that accompany that). So glad I didn’t have a million other things to do tonight. :-/

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