I’ve been following my meal plan/diet thingy for about a year and 10 months. While I’m quite pleased with the results so far through diet alone, the last 20 pounds to reach my original goal seem to be staying put. Yes, I’m not as strict as I once was in following my meal plan, but if they didn’t want Chinese food and BBQ to be eaten, they shouldn’t make it so damned tasty.

I know that I have to start exercising in order to move to the next level in my weight loss and eventual toning of all that is me. My problem is motivation. I’m basically a really lazy guy and the thought of actually exercising is a foreign concept. It’s easy to say, “just go for a walk.” Yeah, no. That’s kind of boring. I really need to be responsible to or for another person. An exercise partner. My schedule doesn’t really accommodate that kind of thing. Not unless I want to forego sleeping or completely mess up a hard fought for eating schedule (lots of trial and error to get the timing right).

Too bad typing wasn’t exercise… I’d be ripped. Open-mouthed smile

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