The lady, she is sick…

For Christmas, Denise wanted to go to the opera. Never having been before, I was up for it. The fact that it was in English and a comedy were definitely in the plus column. The opera she chose was Pirates of Penzance. I’ve only ever watched the movie of it (and didn’t think too much of it at the time). I was ready to give it another chance. I bought the tickets online to the Sunday matinee and decided to have them kept at the box office instead of being mailed to me. A mistake, as I came to realize later.

penzanceLast weekend, when I saw Denise, she was just starting to come down with something. A bit of a tickle in her throat and some coughing. Not much. This weekend, she’s full-on sick and not going to be able to attend the opera. Bummer. No, really. I was starting to look forward to it. Went out and bought myself a new shirt to look all pretty and everything. After some discussion, it was decided that I’d go pick up the tickets and let Denise’s mom and sister go in our place.

Saturday evening, I hop in my car and drive to Vancouver to pick up the tickets. After finding some street parking a couple of blocks away, I find that the doors are locked and the box office is shuttered. Apparently, once the show starts for the evening, the people running the box office scatter like someone has thrown a grenade. Even better news from the security guard at the door letting in stragglers… I can’t pick up my tickets for Sunday’s show until Sunday. Awesome. Another drive into Vancouver’s downtown core. Just what I wanted for Christmas. Smile with tongue out

The drive in on Sunday (today), was uneventful. I found decent parking a block away and there wasn’t any line at the box office. The most difficult thing was keeping warm waiting for the sister and mom. Despite protestations on my part, the mom insisted on paying me for the tickets.

Now I have to figure out what I’m going to get Denise for Christmas. Winking smile

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