Let me tell you a story…

More than a few years ago (a bunch? several? a gaggle?), a friend and I started up a story writing blog. It was set up as kind of a competition, but without points or winners/losers. So… Not like a competition at all. 🙂 We had no more than 500 words to write a complete story that incorporated a piece of the previous story. For anyone that’s been on the receiving end of one of my emails, or tried to get through one of my travel journals (Hawaii & Vegas), you’ll know that I’d find 500 words a bit restrictive. Totally. The first story I wrote ended up being about 850 words and I still hadn’t finalized the ending. Cutting it down to 500 words was painful, but I did it.
We battled back and forth several times before she stopped writing. I was a bit bummed because I was really getting into the swing of keeping things short and succinct and I was bursting with story ideas all the time. Without the impetus of being responsible for responding to one of her stories, I kind of ran out of steam. I ended up finally finishing the last one I had been working on (a year later – I was going to work in an element from whatever she was going to post) and posting it in its entirety, ignoring the 500 word limit. I tried to get my sister and my niece involved, but that didn’t pan out.
I really wouldn’t mind starting to write again. I liked feeling creative. Maybe I’ll finally finish that zombie story I started. Maybe it’ll just be the first chapter. 🙂
Here’s the story website.

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