I feel so flushed…

I celebrated my 44th birthday this weekend. Well, ‘celebrated’ is hardly the word for it. More like I acknowledged the fact that the annual event that is the anniversary of my birth happened. Noted. Move along, nothing to see here.

With Denise still sick, I had another weekend to fill up with other things. My roomie convinced me that we should do a couple of quick home repairs. We’ve had some issues with excess moisture in the house due to his toilet leaking into the basement. This has led to some mould and mildew (and mushrooms). The solution was simple: replace the wax seal at the base of the toilet. Simple. Less than 5 bucks. In and out in under an hour. Yeah, not so much. Smile When the toilet was pulled up and all the old, degraded wax scraped away, I noticed that the brass flange that the toilet bolted on to was warped and needed to be replaced. It had to be replaced anyway. I ended up having to cut the closet bolts off because they were rusted solid*. Got this great plastic flange with a thick rubber band on it that screwed on and hugged the inside of the waste pipe. Excellent.

*No sooner do I finish cutting the last bolt with my rotary tool when it gives out. Motor still works, still spins the attachments, but if any pressure it put to it, it stops. Went out to Canadian Tire and picked up a new, more awesome one on sale for $50 (regular $140ish).

Due to the water damage, we decided to replace the lino flooring with some quite attractive peel and stick tiles. Allen put down a section of them where the toilet went, then I replaced the toilet and screwed everything into place. Turned the water back on to the house (really need to replace that tap at the base of the toilet that doesn’t fully turn off) only to find that one of the bolts connecting the tank to the base was now leaking. By this time on a Saturday, all of the hardware stores were closed which necessitated a trip to Walmart in hopes of finding anything plumbing related. Luckily, we found an entire toilet kit. Yay. Now it doesn’t leak (ish) and Allen’s bathroom is looking pretty darn good.

Another job I thought I would tackle (at the same time as the toilet because the water was already off), was an elbow on a copper pipe beside the washing machine. It dripped constantly and I thought I’d pick up a plumbing torch kit while I was out getting the new rotary tool. Turns out I’m not terribly good at using a plumbing torch. Smile 


My torch work ended up removing even more of the seal at the elbow. My brilliant solution was to use my reciprocating saw to cut off the offending elbow joint, cut a piece of garden hose and clamp it in place with hose clamps. I was rather impressed with how well it held water. After verifying that it was indeed dry, I finally go to bed after being awake for just over 30 hours. After just over 6 hours of sleep, I can’t sleep anymore, so I wander out to the kitchen. The entire upstairs is like a steam bath with all the windows completely fogged up. I run downstairs to find my awesome hose patch has come loose and hot water has been spewing for who knows how long all over the laundry room floor. Yeah. Hot water pipe. Did not know that. Turns out that it heated up the rubber hose and caused it to slip. I tighten the crap out of the hose clamps, but it’s still a bit drippy. I head back to the hardware store (seeing as it’s morning now), with full intentions of getting another copper pipe elbow and seeing if I couldn’t figure out that whole torch, flux and solder thing. That’s when I found the “sharkbite” pipe fittings. You just push the pipe into it. No torch, no solder, no adhesives. A bit more pricey than the regular copper elbow, but when you factor in time and frustration levels, a real bargain. Worked like a charm.

Before we started all the plumbing, Allen took me to Best Buy and forced me to pick out a couple of blu-rays as a birthday present. I eventually complied. Smile

das boot

I remember going to the Ridge theatre in Vancouver (16th and Arbutus) to go see the director’s cut. If anyone that reads this (If *anyone* actually reads this) has ever been the Ridge in the late 90s, you’ll remember that the seats were insanely uncomfortable. Your legs and butt usually fell asleep shortly after sitting down and made it difficult to enjoy whatever you were watching. Not this time. Das Boot pulled me in right away and kept me engrossed for three and a half hours. When the credits finally finished and the house lights came up, that was when I realized that I couldn’t stand up or move my legs. Great movie. Can’t wait to watch it again.

equilibriumThe first time that I watched Equilibrium was on my computer from a file I had downloaded. I knew nothing about it and had never heard of it before. Since then, I’ve watched it many more times and this is at least my third copy of it (first on blu-ray, the rest have been DVD). If you’ve never seen it, it’s kind of like a mash-up of Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 with Matrix-style fight choreography. With guns. Smile

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