S’no joke… I hate winter

As many of you know (like I have an army of people that actually read this blog – ha!), I am not a big fan of the cold or winter and I dislike snow in particular. Not sure why that is, when I used to like playing in it so much when I was a kid. I’m pretty sure that I’ve never had any traumatic experiences related to snow. No “handsy” Santa touching me inappropriately, no ravenous hordes of snowmen after the piece of coal I use as a heart, nothing. Unless I’m blocking it out. That’s possible. šŸ™‚

this is hell

The first real snowfall of the season started on my birthday. Over the next few days, it got progressively worse, with nearly a foot of snow falling on our yard. Paradoxically, I was both happy and pretty annoyed that everywhere else I had to go to didn’t really get a lot of snow. In the case of where I work, literally nothing more than a dusting. I live up on the ridge of a fairly decent-sized hill. I guess the elevation is enough to turn the rain that was falling everywhere else into snow.

There’s not a lot in this world that scares me or makes me overly anxious. Driving in the snow is one of them. Not scared, just ramps up my anxiety levels. My last car, the awesome ’97 Sebring, handled like a moose on rollerskates in the snow and my new car had never seen snow before. At least not with me. I’m happy to report that my Avenger handles quite nicely in the snow.

For me, a nightmare isn’t dreaming about a mass of zombies chasing you (I actually like those), it’s losing control of my car on slick, icy roads. I’ve woken up more than once with my heart in my throat after dreaming about going down a hill and my brakes not working. I don’t let it rule me though. Losing control isn’t my biggest worry though… it’s the other drivers on the road. I was brought up in Northern Ontario. I took my driver training in the middle of winter. Most of the drivers around here don’t have a clue what they’re doing in the snow.


Allen and I went down to Canadian Tire to buy a food processor that was on for half off. As you can see from the picture, the roads were already slightly snow covered. What you can’t really see is that it was hailing.Ā  When CT turned out to be a bust, we came directly back home the same way we went. What was once a slightly snowy road had turned into a road covered in slushy snow/ice that cars were having a problem navigating. The hill that we were going up had several cars stuck and not moving. Allen was able to zip around them and up the hill. We almost got stuck because we had to stop moving. Stupid snow. All of this in under half an hour.

I got to do something twice this past week that I think I only did twice in the past two years… shovel the driveway. I’d have to say that I’m not a fan. Not in the least. šŸ™‚

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