‘Hoppy’ New Year!

For the first time since I got my Nexus card, I went down to Washington with Denise. According to the signs leading up to the border, the wait was going to be over 50 minutes. Not so for us lucky “trusted travelers”. We drove right up to the border, past the insanely long line of waiting cars. With just three cars ahead of us, the border guards must have felt that the Nexus lane was going too slow, so they pointed us to the commercial lane (where the buses and trucks go) and we zipped right through. I think we were at the border for less than 5 minutes. Smile I feel sorry for Denise having to wait so many times when we’ve gone down before. Why didn’t I get this thing sooner?

2012-12-29 12.23.02We decided to try something a bit different for lunch. Instead of going to one of the pho places in Bellingham, we hit up a place called Super Buffet (or something like that).  Outside of Vegas, I haven’t seen a buffet as varied and huge as this. I didn’t quite stick to the diet. Heh. So many tasty things were available and I only had a fraction of them. I did try something that I haven’t had in nearly 40 years though… frog legs. Yes, frog legs. Well, that’s not quite right. I only had one. Smile It didn’t taste like chicken. It tasted more like alligator. Slightly fishy, with a soft chicken-like texture. It wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t hop across several lanes of traffic and floating logs for it.

Denise had some shipping to do at the post office. We got there 5 minutes after it closed, but were lucky enough to get some help from one of the employees. They have a self-service machine that you print off your own labels and pay for things right in the machine. Good stuff. Why don’t we have something like that here in Canadaland? So handy.

2012-12-30 20.43.08Sunday night, we went over to one of her friends for dinner. I really wish that my phone hadn’t died. I would have loved to have gotten some pictures of the 40 bazillion Curious George stuffed animals she has littered about her place. While I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of her animals, I did install a photo app on my phone after playing with a similar one on someone’s ipad mini. This is the picture I took with it. I’m so pretty. It’s not as good as the one that I was playing with on the ipad, but give it time.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Years. I spent mine watching movies and making a pot of chili for my suppers this week. Tasty. Smile

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