I’m delicate… like a flower

I did a little work in my bedroom yesterday. (pause for inevitable jokes) Pretty much since I moved in, the top right-hand drawer of the dresser has been a junk drawer, collecting miscellaneous cables, manuals, watches (2 in there! and I don’t even wear watches), birthday cards, and various other bits and bobs. I finally cleaned it out and put it to work more in line with its original purpose: It now houses my sweaters. Tightly. Very tightly. :/

The Empire Strikes Back!When I was changing the sheets on my bed, I decided to take the foam topper off and see what it was like to sleep on just the mattress. I remember when I bought this bed, I got it because it was fairly comfortable on its own, but haven’t slept on it without the foam since the very first night. Now that I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, I was wondering just how comfortable it would be. To that end, I rolled up the foam, strapped it with a couple of my old belts and wedged it in beside my closet and recliner. Another very tight fit. Real estate is at a premium in my bedroom. I put on the only set of sheets that I own that actually fit my mattress (it’s extra tall/thick) and remade my bed. The anticipation of my upcoming time in bed and the awesomeness that it would be was palpable. Hmmm… that almost sounds dirty. Heh.

Skip ahead 10+ hours after a delicious dinner with Denise and her sister, I finally head into my bedroom to watch tv and a movie before bed. I’m propped up in bed, with a couple of body pillows and my regular pillows making a little nest for my viewing comfort. I’m impressed with how the bed feels. Firmer than I’m used to, but not bad at all. I start dozing off around 3 in the morning, so take all but one of the regular pillows out so I can lay flat. My furry buddy, Reznor, is sleeping on his big pillow on my bed (takes up a LOT of space), so I’ve got my usual foot and a half-two foot section on the side of the bed all to myself.

Not quite the awesome sleep I was hoping for. Regardless of the dog chasing whatever the heck he was chasing in his sleep last night (I’m assuming it was either big or lots of them for how much he was running/moving his legs and making little barking noises) and vibrating the bed like a coin operated Magic Fingers ™ motel room bed, I did not sleep well. After a little over 6 hours of tossing and turning and trying to get comfortable, I gave it up as a failed experiment. I’ll be putting the foam back on my bed today. That is if I can stand up straight. Feels like someone was hitting me with a stick. Smile with tongue out

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