I might know some people…

For some time now, Facebook has been offering up people beside my news feed as People You May Know (PYMK). Let’s take a look at that, shall we?

Facebook - People

As far as I can tell, I don’t know any of these girls. I could be wrong though… I’ve worked with a lot of people over the years and these scantily clad ladies could possibly be among them.

How does Facebook decide who I might know? Are they friends of friends of friends? Does it parse my browser history to find people that look like other people I might have looked at on IMdB or in one of my Google News feeds? If it uses browser history though, I’m sure that the PYMK list would be vastly different. Vastly. Not just barely dressed women, but science guys, comic book artists and cute animals. Many, many cute animals.

Nakia Adonis – as with the rest of these people on the screen grab here, I’ve had her name come up multiple times over the last 3-4 months. As you can see from her Facebook page, she’s got 8* (eight – not a typo) friends. She must be very discriminating. With both her choice in friends and her clothes shopping. The poor girl can barely find anything to wear in her profile picture.

Bella Morries – this poor kid has just as much trouble finding clothes as Miss Adonis does. They must not have Value Village where she lives. She only has two* friends. Poor thing. It must be a terrible blow to her self-esteem that after all these months of Facebook trying to pimp her out, she’s only been able to make two friends. Ouch!

Jenny Taylor – I take it back. Jenny is way worse off than Bella. She’s only been able to make one* friend in all of that time, despite being slightly better clothed. I’m of half a mind to befriend her if for no other reason than to teach her how to wash her clothing without making it shrink. The poor dear.

Navita Serin – It seems like I should be friends with Navita too. She has the same problems with both friends and clothing that Jenny does. Only one* friend and clothes that are several sizes too small. I’m a bit disappointed though. Instead of frittering away her money on that dangly belly button thingie and the Playboy bunny tattoo, she should have purchased some sensible clothing that would stand up to repeated washings. Those jean shorts she’s wearing are positively thread-bare. She might need to change her detergent to something less harsh too.

* friend counts at the time of writing

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One Response to I might know some people…

  1. Jo Anne says:

    You are way too funny my son

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