Mom’s Vegas Vacation–Day 2… Hot Dam

After a scant 3.5-4 hours sleep, Mom and I were awake and ready to get things rolling. Unfortunately, other people tend to need more sleep. Hey… this is Vegas. Sleep when you get home. Smile with tongue out

IMGP0290After the sun came up, the view from our room was rather nice. Still not exactly sure what the mountains we could see from our room were, but if anyone wants to figure it out, I’ll give some directions. They’re directly north of the Stratosphere in line with the Premium Outlets. Hmmm… maybe I’ll just call them the Premium Outlet Range. Perfect.

corned beef hashcinnamon roll french toastpeanut butter waffles with bananas fosterMom, Aunt Wendy and I went down to Roxy’s Diner for breakfast. This was the first of three days that I’d have three eggs for breakfast.  Yeah… nine eggs in 3 days. Thank goodness I brought my anti-gas pills. Smile with tongue out Didn’t stop me from tooting every step, but I like to share, so it’s all good. Heh. I almost didn’t get the corned beef hash (with eggs and hollandaise sauce), because the peanut butter waffles with bananas foster sounded pretty darn tasty. I have to admit that when it came (Aunt Wendy ordered it), it looked as good as it sounded. Didn’t taste all that peanut buttery though. Mom really liked her cinnamon roll french toast. Not a huge fan of cinnamon rolls, I thought it was just ok.

After everyone had stuffed their food holes, it was decided to go see Hoover Dam. Joyce opted to stay back and do other things because she’s going to see it with her husband when they go to Vegas. Sometime. Smile We tried to get out there as early as possible in order to minimize the intense heat. On our way there, we passed through Henderson and saw a casino that we’d stop at on the way back. Dollar beers… ‘nuff said.

Hoover Dam

The dam is quite huge. Scary huge. It straddles the border of Nevada and Arizona and holds back a ton of water (Lake Mead). Lake MeadAs deep as it looks now, you can see from the water line that it’s been deeper. Even though we went in the cool of the morning, it was pretty stifling there. No cloud cover and very little wind. Just relentless sun. Happy to report that I actually got a little color. Nothing too bad though. We all had sunscreen on. Check out all my pictures on Facebook. Like the top of the Stratosphere, Bonnie hung back from the edge quite a bit. I have to admit, you get quite the sense of vertigo when you’re in the center span and looking down over the edge. Hard to wrap your head around the size of it, even when you’re standing on top of it.

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush...Despite a little mix up while exiting the gift shop, we were back on the road back to Vegas shortly after 10. Like I said earlier, we stopped off at the Railroad Pass casino. According to the bar tender (and the little museum there), it’s the oldest casino still running in Nevada. That’s all well and good, but they also had dollar draft beer and dollar hot dogs. Needless to say, most of the crew was half snapped before noon. Not going to go into details (you know, what happens in Vegas… ), but suffice to say that there was a pee pee dance done, hooters were purchased, and we learned who likes cowboys. Winking smile Strangely, I only have one picture from our time there, and it’s of the hedges outside the main entrance. Why would I take pictures of the hedges and not the hijinks inside? There were birds in the bushes. Well, it seemed cool at the time. Smile with tongue out

When we get back to the hotel, we decide to split up a bit and go do different things. Diane wanted to find this custom car place from a show on tv while Mom and I wanted to go check out the World Poker Tour game being played at the Bellagio. A good chunk of us piled back into the van and off we went looking for Count’s Kustoms. Going from the Count's Kustomsdirections we got, behind Circus Circus, we were able to discover all kinds of one way and dead end streets that didn’t lead us to our destination. We pretty much had to drive back to our hotel in order to get onto the right street. When we finally found it, I thought they were filming because they had it all roped off and a guy directing traffic sitting outside of the joint. Nope. Not filming… just a tourist stop. Instead of bogging down the blog with all the pictures, they’ll be available on my Facebook page too. Not sure what it was with the lighting in there, but it seemed to bugger with my focus in a few shots.

We parked at the Mirage and Mom and I went for a stroll to the Bellagio. Jumping Jellybeans… what a haul in that heat. We should have parked at the Bellagio and told the girls to meet us back there. Smile with tongue out We finally get into the Bellagio and Mom’s about ready to take a break. What is it with these casinos not having anywhere to sit except for in front of a machine? Fortunately, we find the poker room with the WPT signs up almost right away. Mom and Daniel NegreanuLooking in, I don’t recognize anyone. What a let down. Yeah, we were looking at the regular folk playing at the regular tables. The WPT tables were empty because they were on break. Soon enough, they start filing back in and we see Daniel Negreanu. He’s just heading back to this table, but we were able to snag him for a quick picture. I thought Mom was going to pee herself she was so excited. Smile We wander around the outside of the poker room and look in. We see Eric Lindgren, Jason Mercier, Antonio Esfandiari, Chino Rheem, Will Failla and Phil Hellmuth.

Antonio EsfandiariEric LindgrenChino Rheem and Daniel Negreanu

Phil Hellmuth and MomJason MercierWill Failla







We watched Antonio go all in with an AJ against an AQ and not pull it out. He looked a bit grumpy, so we didn’t try to get a picture with him. On the other hand, when Phil Hellmuth busted out, he provided a sound bite for the camera on hand, then gladly took pictures with fans. I checked earlier today and found out that Chino Rheem won the whole shebang and Eric Lindgren took second. Neat. Would have been great to be able to watch the final table being filmed or to meet Vince and Mike, but this was pretty darn cool.

Fountain show at the Bellagio

On our way back to the Mirage to meet up with Joyce, Diane and Shelley, Mom and I were able to catch the fountain show at the Bellagio. Not the greatest spot to view it from, but it was still good to see. Too bad Aunt Wendy wasn’t there to see it, but I decided to take a small video of it. I wasn’t able to get it all because I was taking pictures at first, but hopefully this gets across the scale of it. The water erupting from the fountain almost sounded like gun shots.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!Kim holding up the Las Vegas sign while Diane looks onAfter a late supper at Roxy’s (again), the kids decided to go out for a drive. Well, all but Bonnie. She pretty much pulled a Rip Van Winkle after the trip to the dam and the cheap beer. Winking smile We did a driving tour of the Strip, from one end to the other. We saw the Las Vegas sign all lit up (as well as a car owned by a dedicated Pawn StarsBatman fan). At the other end of the Strip, in Old Vegas, we found the place where they film Pawn Stars. The main store wasn’t open, but they have a 24 hour window. That’s where we got our show. Smile There was a slightly intoxicated guy talking/arguing with an old grizzled hobo. Apparently, the slightly intoxicated fellow pawned something and gave the hobo $5, to which he responded with, “Is that it?” Heh.

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