Reznor: Friend, Sleeping Buddy, Office Gasser

Nap time scratches

I lost a good friend today. The sense of loss is unimaginable, but I’m glad that he was a part of my life for as long as he was.

Reznor was 14 years and 7 months old and, despite showing his age in his decreasing mobility and energy levels, was still the happy puppy when you came home from work (or the grocery store, or basically just going outside and coming back in). For a big dog (Doberman/Lab cross), he had a very long run.

When he was still able to get up on my bed, hisBed time portion of the bed took up a good 2/3 of the usable space. It was a little strange having him on the bed with me because he did a lot of leg shaking and running in his sleep. That’s when he actually kept to his bed on the bed. If you got up in the You got up, you lost your spot Uncle Mark.middle of the night to use the washroom, all bets were off and he’d be up on your pillow, stealing all your left-over heat or just getting under the blankets. You would think that with his heat-stealing tendencies that he’d be a cuddler, but he wasn’t really. He’d let you give him some hugs, but he was much more interested in scratches and pats on the butt.

Undercover Puppy

Reznor reluctantly letting Allen have some cuddles

Scratches!Rare cuddles with Uncle Mark

Nah... I'm good up here, thanks. You can sleep down there.






As I’m going through my pictures of Reznor, I see that a good 75% of them are of him sleeping/napping. Any cushioned space was up for grabs as a prime napping location. Be it the sofa in the kitchen hallway, a too-small bed or the remains of his stuffed animal collection after tearing off their faces… he slept on them all.

kitchen sofa

I still fit!

I sleep on the bodies of the vanquishedWhen he could no longer get up on our beds, he had big pillows littered around the house for his use. He would frequently sleep on his bed here in the office beside my chair, farting silently and causing me to constantly turn around to see if the train arrived in the station after that whistle.

There were a couple of cancer scares in the recent past, but thanks to some surgery, he bounced right back and was able to be our furry friend for a few more years. I sure am going to miss him, but I’m also glad that I had him for a friend as long as I did.

One last nap.

Sleep well, Poopers. You made me happy to know you.

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2 Responses to Reznor: Friend, Sleeping Buddy, Office Gasser

  1. Mom says:

    A very good rememberance for an old friend.

  2. Colleen says:

    Mark the was a great Tribute to Reznor. I know how much he meant to you and Allen. I wish you both well as you mourn the loss of your furry friend. Hugs to both of you. RIP Reznor. RIP

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